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Summary: .... ohh it's hard to describe ..
Rated: PG
Categories: Indefinite Timeline
Characters: Telling Would Spoil
Genres: Comedy, Romance
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Published: 23/04/05 Updated: 23/04/05

1. Ch 1 by Ambrosia [Reviews - 3] starstarstarhalf-star (488 words)
Disclaimer: No profit or gain of any sort, unless occasional emails count, NBC owns'em and I doubt the writers would do this on the show. Tis why it's called fanfiction you lawyer meanies!

Author's Note: Hello, I've been quiet for a *LONG* time when it comes to the fanfic front, this bit of a story has been sitting neglected on my computer for much much too long and I figured that I ought to do something with it. Since putting it through the shredder wasn't an option (imagine the damage to the hard drive! <g>) I figured posting was as good a fate as any <g>

There is a story plan, it's just a matter of, figuring out how to put it all down.

<g> Enjoy ... or at least, try to ;o)

Rated: mmm, I'd say about PG (Aus standard)