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Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: No profit or gain of any sort, unless occasional emails count, NBC owns'em and I doubt the writers would do this on the show. Tis why it's called fanfiction you lawyer meanies!

Author's Note: Hello, I've been quiet for a *LONG* time when it comes to the fanfic front, this bit of a story has been sitting neglected on my computer for much much too long and I figured that I ought to do something with it. Since putting it through the shredder wasn't an option (imagine the damage to the hard drive! <g>) I figured posting was as good a fate as any <g>

There is a story plan, it's just a matter of, figuring out how to put it all down.

<g> Enjoy ... or at least, try to ;o)

Rated: mmm, I'd say about PG (Aus standard)

"Good as it was, it can't happen again"

"I know, I mean, we were almost caught last time, I thought Sydney had found out, the way he looked at us when he gave you the room key. It can't happen again, I like breathing, and that might be stopped if some people find out. It really can't happen again," I say watching her lick her lips, wanting nothing more than to kiss her.

"It can't happen again," she whispers sounding short of breath.

Before I know what's happening, she is in my arms _again_, her mouth pressed to mine. As if they had a mind of their own, my hands run over the contours of her back, her legs and over her hips, and I hear her soft moan in my ear, giving me the confidence and cue to continue.

I pull her closer to me, holding her as hard against me as I can, as if I'll never be able to again, kissing her face, and neck. "Parker," I whisper softly, letting her know how much I want her.

"Don't call me that," she says. Confused, I pull back a little to look into her eyes. "Say my name."

At this small request I nearly cry with happiness, that she wants me to speak her name tells me, more than anything else ever could, how much she cares for me. "I... I don't know your name," I tell her smiling gently.

"Marinda," she says almost too softly to hear.

"Marinda," I repeat kissing her lips, my hands rounding her body to cup her breasts and knead gently.

At this she arches her neck and body into my hands, and I lean forward to nip at the exposed flesh of her neck, beginning at the buttons of her jacket.

Before I make it to the second button, we hear footsteps coming our way. I place one last kiss on her lips before separating from her, allowing her to put herself together, as I go to my laptop and turn the cameras for her office back on.

"Good morning, Miss Parker, Broots, any sign of Jarod today?" Sydney's accented voice asks from the door. I'm sitting at Miss Parker's desk frantically typing into the laptop while she leans against the far wall rearranging her hair.

"Ah, w-well, th-there was a reply to our missing person's web site from a woman in Melbourne, Australia," I begin, looking over to Miss Parker standing where I left her - 'Marinda' I think happily. Then realising that they were waiting for me to continue I go on, "I checked her out and it's a possibility, though I don't know what Jarod would want in Australia."

"Well then Broots," Miss Parker says, back in perfect bitch mode. "Why don't you find out what he'd want. Quickly."

TBC... if you wanna read more that is :)

All feedback is welcome, nice things are shown to my english teacher <j/k> (who watches tP also) <g>


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