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Disclaimer: I have no rights to The Pretender and have never met any crew or characters. I amnot making any money off of this, etc. Written(copyright) 2001.
Setting: Takes place after Season 4 finale, Jarod is reunited with Major Charles, Emily, Ethan and J2(Jackson), they are all currently living in a house in Florida, still searching for Margaret. Miss Parker is back at the Centre, business as usual. No injuries from the train accident.

Another Pretender
by Kimberly


Scene One: Family Home

“What are you doing up so early?” Major Charles questions his oldest child.

“I...I couldn’t sleep.” Jarod stumbles, not wanting to admit he had another nightmare. Major Charles sensing Jarod’s unease changes the subject.

“What are you working on son?”

“I don’t know I just had this feeling when I woke up that I needed to search the Centre archives.”

“Are you looking for clues about your mother again?”

“I’m always looking for her, but this is something else, something I need to find.”

“Okay well I’m going to start breakfast. No doubt that the rest of the family will be up soon. french toast sound good to you?” Major Charles asks.

“Sure, but are you sure french toast is supposed to be black? It tasted burnt last time.”

“Son I already told you, don’t doubt my cooking abilities, that is how french toast tastes.”

“Yeah well that’s not what Emily told me, and for some reason I think I believe her.” Jarod jokes, knowing his father is really a bad cook.

“Yeah well you believe what you want, but I could be a chef if I wanted too.” Major Charles jokes.

“Sure Dad whatever you say.”


Scene Two: Miss Parker’s Office

“Dammit” Miss Parker mumbles when she can’t get the lid off of the advil bottle.

“Something I can help you with Miss Parker?” Sydney questions.

“Oh Syd I didn’t even hear you come in.”

“Could it have been you were too busy yelling at the medicine bottle?” Sydney jokes.

“Could, now what do you want?”

“I just received an e-mail from Jarod.”

“What’s Frankenboy up to today? Helping an old lady cross the street?”

“No actually he wrote;

--Something is up. New project at the Centre. Something to do with me. I don’t know what, help me find out.--

“So the lab rat is once again trying to solve another puzzle. Well then let’s play.” Miss Parker smiles.


Scene Three: Family Home

Jarod is staring at the computer screen in shock. He knew this mystery was something big, but he never guessed it was this. He breathed slowly, the words faintly could be heard.

“ I have a son.”


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