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Pretender and its characters,eg Miss Parker, Jarod, Sydney, and Broots are not our creation. We do not own them they are property of NBC or TNT or somebody else, I don’t know it’s all very confusing. Anyhoo case in point their not ours and please don’t sue.

Life Is Full Of Surprises
by Richard and Alias

As Miss Parker tore into the room her gun aimed highshe heard a mad scream from below. It turned her blood cold. She ran towards the sound, signaling to Sydney and Broots to follow. As they entered the cold, damp basement room they heard the click of the steel door locking behind them. Miss Parker shouted “Jarod give it up there’s no place to go.”

“I know, we have to get out of here.” Jarod replied.

“What are you talking about wonderboy? The only way any of us are getting out of here is
with you in a Centre car and my gun trained on your temple.”

“Miss Parker, you have to listen to me, there’s a bomb in the basement, set to detonate in less than an hour!”

“What!? Where is it? Why can’t you disarm it?”

“It’s a bomb of a kind I nor anyone else has encountered before. It was specially designed to be highly intelligent and react to any attempt at sabotage.”

“I don’t believe this” Miss Parker moaned. Broots backtracked to the door only to confirm what he knew, it was locked. They were trapped.

“Sydney,” Broots whispered, “if we don’t get out of here soon we’re going to have more than one bomb to diffuse.”

Meanwhile Miss Parker began to pace impatiently.

“How do I even know you’re telling the truth Jarod, I haven’t seen any bomb.”

“I told you it’s highly advanced and is not visible on most modern sensors. The bomb squad was able to trace it to this basement. I was sent in to discover its exact location and proceed with disarmament.”

It was then that Miss Parker caught sight of the vent. It appeared large enough to accommodate a person and would perhaps be a way to fetch help. The only trouble was that it was at the top of the 12 foot ceiling. She quickly voiced her discovery. It was decided that she was to be the first to go up the mound of debris that they had assembled in place of a ladder.

As she began her ascent she felt the pile quiver beneath her. She proceeded cautiously. When she had almost reached the vent she felt it quiver again. This time it didn’t stop. She lept off in a desperate attempt to avoid self injury. Her attempt failed. She landed in a heap, unconcious.

“Miss Parker!” the three men screamed in unison as they ran to her side.

“She’s coming around” Jarod said as she began to stir.

He checked her for injury and discovered that she had a severely broken leg. There was no way that she could walk, much less crawl through a vent.

“Broots you’ll have to go for help!” Jarod said “Here use this old ladder that was sitting in the corner.”

Broots followed the order and departed quickly. Knowing that it was to be the only way to save his friends.

Meanwhile, back in the basement, Miss Parker lay on the floor clenching her teeth to keep the pain in check. To be honest it wasn’t working very well.

All of a sudden Sydney chimed up “What about this bomb? You said that it would detonate in less than an hour 50 minutes ago!”

“Don’t worry I have it under control. Would you like to see the bomb?” Jarod replied. Sydney and Miss Parker directed their eyes to him impatiently.

“It’s about bloody time.” Miss Parker snapped. A smug grin spread over Jarod’s face.

“Your looking at it.”

“What do you mean? I don’t see any bomb.”

“Why Miss Parker, I’m da bom.”


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