Insert Image

How to code a picture into your story or summary.

1. First, load the picture into your account by going to Account Info in the menu and then selecting Manage Images. You can upload jpgs, gifs and png formats and the pics must not be too large or the script will reject them. The maximum size of a picture is 300 x 300.
This will load your picutre into your account folder and it will be stored in your folder with your stories.

2. You should see a list of your pictures you have loaded and the code that will be required. Copy the code of the picutre you want. It will look something like this:
< img src="stories/1/images/yourpic.jpg" >

If you are using tinyMCE (the thing with the formatting buttons on)

3. Click the image button (the one with the little tree) and that will bring up a popup window.

4. You can enter an offsite url for pictures hosted elsewhere in the url field, or you can click on the pulldown 'image' and that will display the images you have previosly loaded into your account. Choose the one you want and and press insert. If the little dropdown does not display your pics, the past only this part of the code into the image url area: stories/1/images/yourpic.jpg

5. Format it as you would normally. 

If you are NOT using tinyMCE

3. When editing your story or series etc, you will need to uncheck the tinyMCE and this will show you your text in code form.

4. To insert your picture, you paste that code < img src="stories/1/images/yourpic.jpg" >, or a normal img src link if the picture is hosted offsite, in where you want your picture to go and then turn tinyMCE back on. Then you can space, center, format as you wish and your pic should be there.

And then you are done. Yay.

Please note, any images uploaded on Missing Pieces will NOT display on any other websites outside of the PretenderCentre, so you will be unable to hotlink them. And inapropriate pictures will be removed.