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Author's Chapter Notes:

Miss Parker takes on her first assignment for SIS. (TEASER.)

Original Bazooka Gum Petender Chronicles
A Pretender Prequel Episode
"Identity Crises."


Miss Parker, while attending the academy, takes on
her first assignment for SIS.

Expanded Synopsis

The Centre has recently determined the identities of those
suspected in a recent theft involving one of their clients
intellectual properties. Miss Parker is given the task to
get back the stolen property.




SERIES OF QUICKCUTS from the episode play in conjuctions with the narration...

WE HEAR a much older Miss Parker in the present day...

Miss Parker (VO): 25 years ago when I was much younger,
I took on my first assignment as an operative for a branch
of the Centre known as SIS.

I was told that what we were doing was to protect the Centre
as well as our clients intellectual property rights from those
who didn't respect that right.

It wasn't until years later I discovered that quite the opposite
was true. When I confronted my father about that, he told me he
already knew as well but asked me to keep quiet for my own safety.

That's when I finally realized, especially with all the secrets.
The Triumvirate was behind it all. They were the ones responsible.
For everything, including my mother's dissapearance...






A formal gathering of elite this case, the sons and daughters
(all college aged) along with those who expect them to follow, properly,
in their footsteps...

We see Miss Parker from a distance standing by herself, looking around.
A gentlemen joins her.

In CU/OUT OF FOCUS We overhear a conversation in progress while continuing to watch her...

Father: ...good job, I hear you might even have the chance to make cum de laud
next year?

Daughter: ...oh dad. Not here.

Father: Oh Dad, what? Can't a Father be proud?

Father (cont/to wife): What do you think honey?

Wife: I think it's great. Honey, you should be proud!

Daughter: OH, not you too mother!

WE go CLOSE on the conversation between Miss Parker and an older gentleman.

Miss Parker finishes her drink. The gentleman signals a passing waiter.

The WAITER TAKES her empty glass and holds a tray of drinks to her.

Miss Parker: No, thanks. Two's my limit.

Gentleman: Come now..why so formal?

Miss Parker: Exams tomorrow you know. Besides, I've got to watch my girlish figure.

Miss Parker's looking around for something...

Gentleman (flashing his eyebrows): Youre not the only one watching!

Looking across the room, she begins to walk away...

Miss Parker (under breath): Dream on.

She heads down a hallway. Someone passes by. She STANDS there for a second at the restroom,
looking around. There is nobody else around. Instead of entering she begins to quickly
walk further down the hall.

She gets to a door. It's LOCKED. She removes something from her pocket and works the
lock until the door OPENS.


ESTABLISHING SHOT. Centre Security Operations/SIS - DAY)



FLASHBACK. It's a time prior to the previous scene. Miss Parker is at a meeting with other
SIS operatives. They are shown a series of pictures involving a case.

Miss Parker (older, present day/VO): My first case involved a supposed intellectual
property theft that belonged to both the Centre as well as one of our clients. My task was to
first prove that they, in fact, had the stolen property...


Miss Parker walks into the darkened room. She removes a crude device, extends its antenna and
walks the room with it. She makes her way to a desk. All seems to be clear. She turns on a light
at the desk and opens a file drawer, searching through it.


Back at the party someone enters the room. It is Miss Parkers boyfriend, Frank. Who happens to be
the son of the man Miss Parker had been sent to investigate. Though it was required that she was to
get close to him in order to conduct her investigation into the theft, they had since become close

Frank approaches a friend of his asking if she was there and where she had gone. He is pointed
toward the hallway in the direction of the bathrooms. Frank begins to head that way..



Miss Parker finds the file and lays out the pages while taking pictures with a micro camera.

Frank enters the hallway.

Miss Parker hears footsteps. She then turns out the lights, hesitating for a moment to listen.
A pen suddenly falls to the hardwood floor.

Frank hears this and takes a few steps toward the office.

Miss Parker goes to the window and opens it. This causes the office door to become
slightly ajar.

Frank begins to approach, cautiously. He then opens the door, looking into in the room.
The window is open. He pulls a small walkie talkie from his vest, extending its anttena..

Frank: Security, I think we've got a breach..sweep the perimeter southside..quietly. I dont
want to disturb my guests.

Frank exits the office and walks fast pace back down the hallway.

Miss Parker cautiously scans the hallway before exiting the office to enter the restroom
across the hall.

Frank returns with a few men in suits and points them to the office.

Frank: Check it out.

Miss Parker exits the restroom.

Miss Parker: Is everything all right?

Frank: Its fine sweetheart. Nothing we need to worry about.

They both head back toward the party.

Miss Parker (Older, present day/VO): Ironically, it had turned out later that Frank was an
undercover posing as the son of the man I thought I had been investigating for fraud.


Miss Parker, present day, is sitting in an interrogation room with an agent.

Miss Parker (Shedding a tear): Interesting twist, don't you think?



Chapter End Notes:

This is the third chapter in the OBG series celebrating the Pretenders REBIRTH.

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