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A series of crossover episode teasers featuring original pretender characters in retro episodes from old shows as well as current ones!

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Categories: Crossovers
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Genres: Comedy
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Chapters: 31 Completed: Yes Word count: 28515 Read: 112814
Published: 13/12/16 Updated: 11/01/24
Story Notes:

Story #1 (Chapter 1): An early influence of Steve and Craig's when developing the pretender involved a man who actually lived as one. This teaser is a retro episode featuring one such similar event with Mr. Demara when he had served in the US military during that time period. 

Story #2 (Chapter 2): The Young Komendant featuring a young Syndey Green during WWII. See story synopsis for details.

Story #3 (Chapter 3): "Identity Crisis." This features a young Miss 
Parker during her academy years. 

Story #4 (Chapter 4): "Eye Before Why" recognizes Mr. Demara's later work for various missions, churches and hospitals.

Story #5 (Chapter 5): "Playing Games" A possible early education for Jarod with regard to running simulations.

Story #6 (Chapter 6): "Toys For Timmy" Jarod and Timmy learn to get by during the holidays.

Story #7 (Chapter 7): "Centre Of Controversy" The Centre continues their chase. This time, however, Jarod finally gets them right where he wants them.  

Story #8 (Chapter 8): "One More For The Gipper" A showdown 'out in the open' between Jarod and the Centre.

Story #9 (Chapter 9): "Money To Burn" An imagined rebirth of the series under "SIM" 

Story #10 (Chapter 10): "Back To The Centre" another imagining, upon reflection with regard to the time and plot gaps.

Story #11 (Chapter 11): "No One Left Behind" Kyle's run in an alternate universe.

Story #12 (Chapter 12): "Airline Sim" A possible introduction to running SIM'S for Jarod. Dedicated to MediaWars.co.

Story #13 (Chapter 13): "Return Of The Pretender" A possible piece of the missing puzzle with making a TV reboot possible.

Story #14 (Chapter 14): "Return of TP" - PILOT PART 2. A synopsis format detailing more of the pilot story toward making a reboot possible. 

Story #15 (Chapter 15): "No tricks, just treats." A holiday teaser for the next generation of pretenders from Jarod.

Story #16 (Chapter 16): "RED SUN." The SIM team joins forces with the FBI to combat an old enemy.

Story #17 (Chapter 17): "The Letter." A SIM/SHERLOCK CROSSOVER EPISODE.

Story #18 (Chapter 18): "Until He Says Ado." A Married With Children Teaser.

Story #19 (Chapter 19): "Time Out." A Rush Hour/SIM CROSSOVER episode.

Story #20 (Chapter 20): "A Reason To Celebrate." An Original Series Teaser.

Story #21 (Chapter 21): "F-13 The Return." A teaser in radio script format.

Story #22 (Chapter 22):"When it's Raines, it Pours." A Dream Corp, LLC Teaser.

Story #23 (Chapter 23):"Taking A Chance Card." A TP/STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION CROSSOVER SPEC SCRIPT TEASER. Another idea toward resolving the series given the circumstances.

Story #24 (Chapter 24): "Taking A Chance Card 2." A Possible Opening Scene/Teaser for the ST/NG version of TP.

Story #25 (Chapter 25): "This Order is to Go!" A SIM-Sledge Hammer crossover promo teaser.

Story #26 (Chapter 26): "The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts Featuring The Pretender" Show Transcript.

Story #27 (Chapter 27): "Fingerfood For Angel." A reflection on SJC in this Rockford Files Teaser.

Story #28 (Chapter 28): "Never Judge A Book By Its Cover." A reflection on SJC productions.

Story #29 (Chapter 29): "Jarod The Rock Star." Jarod joins the band of 38 Special to investigate the music scene to complete his thesis. (ALT U cross over version to episode where Jarod plays a Mistro.)

Story #30 (Chapter 30): "Centre of Controversy." Jarod dates Crissy during a pretend as a doctor and winds up in a final downdown with the Centre.

Story #31 (Chapter 31):"Rendezvous On Centaurus Part 1." Jarod is still currently held captive on Centaurus. After hearing news about Khoal's (Mr. Lyle) killing of escaped Pretenders, he begins planning the takedown of the Triumvirate once and for all. 

1. Chapter 1: No Turnip Left Unsqueezed by Alex [Reviews - 1] (1160 words)


2. Chapter 2: The Young Komendant by Alex [Reviews - 0] (2035 words)

In the original Pretender series, it was discovered Sydney Green and his twin brother Jacob were their family's sole survivors of the holocaust.

In celebration of the Pretenders return and the Pretender Chronicles, The Young Komendant is a story of a young Sydney who helped assist the allies and the German underground as featured here in this episode of Hogans Heroes.

Spoiler: The story takes place at a time when Enigma was finally deciphered. With help from Hogan and his men, Sydney, along with the German underground, ensure a turning point in the war. 

3. Chapter 3: IDENTITY CRISIS by Alex [Reviews - 0] (993 words)

Miss Parker takes on her first assignment for SIS. (TEASER.)

4. Chapter 4: Eye Before Why by Alex [Reviews - 0] (366 words)

Chapter 4 Jarod tackles the chicken and the egg paradox

5. Chapter 5: "Playing Games." by Alex [Reviews - 0] (701 words)

Another possible missing piece with regard to Jarod's early education at the Centre with running simulations.

6. Chapter 6: Toys For Timmy by Alex [Reviews - 0] (191 words)

Jarod and Timmy over the holiday season.

7. Chapter 7: Centre Of Controversy by Alex [Reviews - 0] (513 words)

Yet another rebirth of Jarod in his early days as a doctor. (This time imagined as a Crossover episode with Three's Company.) 

8. Chapter 8: 'One More For The Gipper.' by Alex [Reviews - 0] (1345 words)

In this retro crossover episode, Jarod impersonates a lawyer in a high profile case, attracting the attention of 'the Centre' for a final showdown.

9. Chapter 9: "Money To Burn' by Alex [Reviews - 0] (2531 words)

A rebirth of the series imagined as 'SIM' and 'CHICAGO FIRE' crossover episodes.

10. Chapter 10: "Back To The Centre" by Alex [Reviews - 0] (384 words)

Another look at possibilities. This time in reflection with regard to the time and plot gaps....

11. Chapter 11: "No One Left Behind" by Alex [Reviews - 0] (1016 words)

Wondering what Kyle would be doing meanwhile....

12. Chapter 12 "AIRLINE SIM" by Alex [Reviews - 0] (384 words)

A possible begining for Jarod with running simulations with Dr. Sydney Green.

13. Chapter 13 RETURN OF THE PRETENDER by Alex [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (153 words)

An episodic radio script (teaser.) Bringing posibility toward solving the time gap and circumstance problem with rebooting the series. Dedicated to REBIRTH for making it conception possible. 

14. Chapter 14 "Return of TP" - PILOT PART 2 by Alex [Reviews - 0] (191 words)

NOTE: This is a work in progress with continuing to solve the enigma with regard to the time gap and circumstance change with rebooting the series.


Expanding on the episodic radio promo, a little more detail is given here in synopsis form toward making this reboot achievable. Its conception as well as its believability as made possible by REBIRTH has surely lead toward the possibility of its achievement!

PILOT Part 2 is just that. Part 2 because part 1 is reserved for the TP creators to fill in the blanks with regard to where the series left off before the cancellation. Since no one knows for sure what this continuation would have been since the series was cancelled, picking up with a possible REBOOT and making that possible would logically begin with PART 2.

NOTE: (With regard to what the remaining series would have been) would be full knowledge of the rest of the story arc from a writer and production point of view which of course would be the structure which PILOT part 1 would be framed around. The details, however, would be spread out beyond the pilot into the rest of the series as revealed in the subplots/flashbacks.


So, here it goes (as fans on behalf of the show!)

15. Chapter 15: "No tricks, just treats." by Alex [Reviews - 0] (159 words)

Based on Season 2 episode 1 "BACK FROM THE DEAD AGAIN."

16. Chapter #16: "RED SUN." by Alex [Reviews - 0] (808 words)


17. Chapter #17: THE LETTER by Alex [Reviews - 0] (1072 words)



18. Chapter 18: "Until He Says ADO." by Alex [Reviews - 0] (860 words)

A Married With Children Episode with AP that takes place just after REUNION AT POLK HIGH PT 2.

19. Chapter 19: "Time Out." by Alex [Reviews - 0] (1138 words)

Episode 4 with the cast of RUSH HOUR and SIM as they join forces to return to Hon Kong to assist Lee toward helping his uncle with his latest assignment.

20. Chapter 20: "A Reason To Celebrate." by Alex [Reviews - 0] (805 words)

An Original Series Teaser. This episode reflects some earlier, as well as later work that MR. Demara had contributed to that wasn't a pretend. 

21. Chapter 21: F-13 The Return. by Alex [Reviews - 0] (212 words)

Something for the occassion on Friday the 13th of my own to compliment what the TP creators had been working on as well for the franchise.

22. Chapter #22: 'When it's Raines it Pours.' by Alex [Reviews - 0] (1003 words)

Dream corp gets an unexpected visit from Dr. Raines.

23. Chapter 23: "Taking A Chance Card." by Alex [Reviews - 0] (466 words)

Jarod becomes an extra to investigate the real plot behind the killing off of several characters from a well known tv show.    

24. Chapter 24: "Taking A Chance Card 2" by Alex [Reviews - 0] (350 words)

In this crossover episode, Khoal (Mr. Lyle) attempts to reclaim escaped pretenders while Jarod remains behind.

25. Chapter 25: "This Order Is To Go!" by Alex [Reviews - 0] (1374 words)

SIM joins forces with Sledge and Doreau to stop a human trafficking ring.

Expanded Synopsis: In celebration of Sledges recent promotion, he modifies the caliber of his gun, bringing it to work in a bandage to the captains dismay. A recent series of abductions in the area bring in the SIM team to investigate.

26. Chapter 26: The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast Featuring The Pretender by Alex [Reviews - 0] (657 words)

Dean Martin Roasts The Pretender during his holiday special.

27. Chapter 27: "Finger food For Angel." by Alex [Reviews - 0] (858 words)

Dedicated to Steven J. Cannell Productions

28. Chapter 28: The A team 'Never judge a book by its cover.' by Alex [Reviews - 0] (616 words)

Dedicated to the FCC and the WWE

29. Chapter 29: Jarod The Rock Star by Alex [Reviews - 0] (432 words)

30. Chapter 30 "Centre Of Controversy" FULL EPISODE by Alex [Reviews - 0] (4172 words)

The FULL length version of CENTRE OF CONTROVERSY.



31. Chapter 31: Rendezous on Centaurus Part 1 by Alex [Reviews - 0] (1570 words)

A series that introduced me to having a sense of this thing called honor and duty.