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Author's Chapter Notes:

Dedicated to the FCC and the WWE



The A team is hired to help a legitimate escort service from being
taken over by organized crime.


A black van heads down a busy street.


Hannibal is looking through a folder.

Face: So what is next on the list and please tell me this
ones for profit Hannibal?

Hannibal: This ones right up your alley Face. A damsel in distress.

Hannibal shows him a picture.

INSERT SHOT - Picture of the client.

Face takes a look.

Hannibal: Not your cup fo tea?

Face: On the contrary. She is definitely someone you can take home
to mother.

BA: You can tell that just by looking at a picture?

Hannibal shows the picture to BA.

BA: I take that back. I know my mama would never approve!

They all laugh.

Hannibal: We will need to spring Murdoch for this one. Turn right just
up ahead BA.



The van turns right at the next light.


BA: Hey, this isn't the way to the nut house Hannibal!

Hannibal: I know BA. We are actually going to be picking him up from his
job this time.

BA: Job? They must be crazier than that foo to let him out!

Hannibal: I can't say working for us has made him any better, but he must
be doing well if they are allowing him to hold a job.

Face: Well good for him. So what does he do at this job?

Hannibal: From our last conversation he's a chef at a pie factory.

BA giggles while mumbling under his breath.

BA: ...chef...pie factory. I can just see him in that funny looking poofy hat...



We see pies heading down a conveyor belt. Murdoch is standing at one in particular
wearing that poofy hat.

Murdoch sticks his finger in ones of the pies going by and takes a taste.

Murdoch: Oui Oui! Muy delici-oh-so-so-so-oh-no-no-no-no-no!
Needs alot more sugar!

Murdoch messes with a few more dials. The machine reacts as the belts begin to go

Murdoch: (cont) Listen! Listen! Listen! Why dont you listen!? The recipe is simple!
Now lets take our time and get it right the first time! I know, I know, but
I dont care about the cost of sugar!! Taste this!!!

Murdoch dips his finger into another pie.

Murdoch: Much much better!!!

BA: Who's that foo talkin too!? Hey foo, over here!!!

Face: Looks fully automated, and Murdoch fully animated of course.

Hanibal is humored by all of this. He pops in a cigar. Murdoch sees them and waves.
He comes over to them.

BA: No, stay there foo!!! Look out!!!

Murdoch turns around and realizes pies are falling off the conveyor belts while there
are piles of sugar being dispensed on them.

Murdoch then flips some switches and sets a few more dials. The machine finally stops.

He struggles with a hose that comes off and gets powedered sugar all over himself.

BA is giggling while watching.

Murdoch trys to come over, but one of his legs suddenly gets stuck to another hose.
Murdoch then waves his arms in distress.

Hannibal: I think he needs help BA.

BA: Help is right Hannibal, but I'm no doctor!

Hannibal: Face?

Face and BA join Murdoch in attempt to free him. Murdoch grabs a pie and attempts to
hit Face with it, but it hits BA by mistake after Face ducks.

Hannible laughs. BA then grabs a pie and attempts to hit Murdoch but hits Face as he
gets back up.

Hannibal: I love it when a plan comes together!


Chapter End Notes:


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