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Author's Chapter Notes:

SIM joins forces with Sledge and Doreau to stop a human trafficking ring.

Expanded Synopsis: In celebration of Sledges recent promotion, he modifies the caliber of his gun, bringing it to work in a bandage to the captains dismay. A recent series of abductions in the area bring in the SIM team to investigate.

Sledge Hammer-SIM crossover promo teaser

Plot: The SIM team joins up with Sledge and Doreau in order to stop a human trafficking ring.


ESTABLISHING SHOT: An aerial view of a moderately busy RURAL SHOPPING DISTRICT in the early afternoon.

ANOTHER ANGLE: (CU) A mostly empty parking lot at a strip mall.

An officer is questioning someone at his patrol car.

Officer 1: Is there anything you want to tell me about what's going on?

Perp: What's there to tell? I get pulled over and you expect some kind of confession? Why don't you tell me? Cause if it's an infraction, let me just sign and i'll be on my way!

Ofc2: It's no use. We'll have to wait for backup.

A car pulls up. 2 detectives step out.

Sledge: Allright, let me borrow that scumbag! This will only take a minute!

Sledge grabs perp from back seat by his collar.

Sledge: I want a word with you mister!

Doreau: Sledge!

Ofc1 grabs perp by the other side of his collar.

Ofc1: Now hold on! He's in our custody.

Sledge yanks the perp his way.

Sledge: Now he's mine!

Ofc1 pulls the perp to him.

Ofc1: Oh, no he's not!

Sledge pulls the perp back to him.

Sledge: OH yes he his!

Sledge pulls a coin out of his pocket.

Sledge: Lets flip for him. Ill let you call it.

Doreau: Sledge, don't! Just stop!

Sledge: You know how I feel about scumbags like him Doreau!

Doreau: Despite how you feel Sledge, he's still only a suspect. Let's find out what's going on first, ok?

Sledge: Oh, OK. Here

Sledge let's go of perp.

Doreau: We heard what was happening over the radio and thought we could be of assistance.

Doreau flashes her badge.

Ofc1: We've got a trailer over there that was called in by a bystander. But he's not talking. Uh, hold on a second while I put him back in.

Ofc1 puts perp back in car and closes door.

Ofc1:(cont) I've got.a few coming to search the trailer, but I was hoping the suspect would tell me what's inside and so far he's not talking.

Sledge walks to trailer.

Doreau: Sledge, I think we should wait like the officer said.

Sledge gets to the trailer and peeks through a hole in it.

From the inside we see Sledges eye peeking in. A few kids see this and giggle.

Sledge hears that and takes another peek.

A finger reaches out and makes contact with his eye.

Sledge steps back holding his eye. He draws his gun, holding it to the sky.

Doreau: Sledge!

Sledge: There's no time for backup Doreau!

Doreau: What is it?

Sledge takes a few steps away from the trailer.

Sledge: There are kids in there!

Doreau: Kids? Well put that away so they don't get hurt!

Sledge: They have been taken hostage Doreau.

Doreau: How do you know?

Sledge: I was just poked in the eye. Looks like there is another scumbag hiding in there with them.

Sledge: (cont, to ofc1) looks like you would have had to call a negotiator, but that's okay.

Ofc1: And why is that?

Sledge: Because I'm here.

Doreau: Sledge! You don't have official training.

Sledge: That's okay. That scumbag doesn't know it!

Sledge walks back to trailer.

Doreau: That's not what I meant! Psst! Come back here!

Sledge: I got this Doreau! You know me!

Doreau: That's what I'm afraid of!

Sledge: Allright scumbag! You want to make a deal! Oh, wait. I guess I'm being a little too aggressive. Hmm hmm, what I mean is, how can I serve you today!? Oh great, I think I've got a bad taste in my mouth. Allright, we're willing to negotiate bad guy! And no complaints because that's as good as its going to get with me! Now tell me, what is your list of demands!?

Sledge gets no response. He taps on the trailer with his gun.

There is a few taps back. Sledge taps afew more times.

Sledge: Are you okay in there? Can you speak?

There are a couple more taps.

Sledge: oh great.

Doreau: what is it Sledge?

Sledge: we've got a perp who can't speak!

There is another tap.

Sledge: OK then. You'll have to get one of your hostages to speak for you then, OK?

There is another tap

Sledge: That's a good sign.

Dorrau: have you established contact with the suspect?

Sledge: Yes I have Doreau. And he's going to use one of the kids to speak for him!

Doreau: Good. Keep him talking.

Sledge: Right. First, mister bad guy, or girl, I need a show of good faith. How about releasing one of the hostages?

Kid (VO) Okay.

Sledge: Okay? That was easy. I think I can get used to doing this kind of work!

Doreau: What's going on over there?

Sledge: Our bad guy is releasing one of the hostages, get ready!

Doreau: OK Sledge. Good job. We're ready.

Sledge: OK kid

Kid (VO) No peeking!

Sledge: Ok.. I won't.

Kid (VO) You promise?

Sledge: Yea, kid, whatever, I..I promise.

Kid (VO) You really promise?

Sledge: Yes I really promise.

Kid(VO) With cheese on top?

Sledge: Hey, kid tell him not to push it in there. I'm not feeling that generous!

Doreau: Sledge, just do what he says! It's only cheese!

Sledge: OK. OK With cheese. Extra cheese. How about that?

We hear some giggling from the trailer.

Kid(VO) What kind?

Sledge: How about the 38 caliber kind. Let's get a move on in there!

Kid (VO) OK. Ready or not here we come!

The trailer opens and two kids come out the trailer door before slamming back shut.

Sledge: A two for one special. This must be my lucky day or our perp is really just bad at math.

Doreau: Good job Sledge! Keep them coming.

Sledge: Any more you want to release?

Kid (VO) Don't push it mister!

Sledge: Just asking. So what comes next on your list? And keep in mind we're on a tight budget. I can get you some discounted tickets on greyhound.

Kid(VO) How about a plane?

Sledge: By plane? I think that can be arranged.

Doreau shakes her head no.

Sledge: On second thought, looks like you'll have to go coach.

Kid (VO) Why?

Sledge looks at Doreau for an answer. She shakes her head.

Sledge: Now don't get all sobby on me. None of us travel much, so we can't spare the points. You give up?

Kid (VO) OK.

Sledge: OK? You sure?

Kid (VO) Yea.

Sledge: This is turning out better than I thought. Are you sure your sure?

Kid (VO) I'm sure

Sledge: You really mean it? With cheese on top?

Kid (VO) With cheese on top.

Sledge: How about with a cherry too?

Sledge bangs on the trailer with his gun.

Sledge: Somethings not right here Doreau!

Doreau: What do you mean.

Sledge: This is too easy!

Kid (VO) No. We really mean it with cherries on top!

Sledge: We're out of time!

We hear the kids sobbing. Sledge tries the trailer door but it is locked.

Sledge: Stand back!

Bang! He shoots the door. It swings open. A few kids run out as Sledge jumps in. The trailer door closes back up. We hear shuffling as the trailer rocks back and forth.

A swat team shows up.

Swat1 approaches

Doreau: Stand down! Weve got an officer in there struggling with the suspect.

They stand and watch.

The trailer eventually comes to a standstill. Doreau approaches.

Doreau: Sledge? Is everything okay?

Swat goes to the trailer door and then goes in.

They carry Sledge out. He looks pretty banged up

Doreau: Sledge! Are you okay?

She slaps him on the cheek. Sledge wakes up.

Sledge:Oh Doreau.Its you. Looks like I made it out alive. How are the kids? Did they catch the perp?

Swat1: We searched the trailer, he was the only one in there.

Doreau: What did he look like?

Sledge: Oh he was about this high with blond hair with a 38 in a suit and tie.

Doreau and swat look at each other.

Sledge passes out. A couple of medics wheel him to an ambulance.



Chapter End Notes:

Still putting the PIECES back on the BOARD and BACK TOGETHER!

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