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Author's Chapter Notes:

A Married With Children Episode with AP that takes place just after REUNION AT POLK HIGH PT 2.


Peg and the kids are eating popcorn while watching TV.

We hear some dialog coming from the movie...

Female Voice (VO): Oh, my darling, do you think we will be okay here for the moment?

Male voice (VO): Yes my love, yes we will. I'll be here with you and keep you close.

Female Voice (VO): Oh, please hold me!

Peg and the kids cringe at the sappiness of it all and become bored.

From the TV, we then suddenly hear a banging sound like a door being kicked in.

Peg and the kids then become excited as they continue to watch.

A female voice from the TV SCREAMS. We then hear the sound of a chain saw

attempting to start repeatedly without success before finally starting.

Peg: Well, it's about time!


The kids put their hands partially over their eyes while watching what happens next.

After a beat, Peg gets up and turns off the TV.

Bud: Hey, it wasn't over yet!

Peg: I'm sure you can guess the rest, besides, let this be a lesson to you two.

Bud: And what lesson is that?

Peg: Always make sure to keep your tools well oiled. You never know when you are going to need them!


Al enters through the front door looking tired.

The Audience cheers.

Peg: OH, hi Al!

Bud: Hey Pop.

Kelly: Hi daddy!

Al passes them by only offering a grunt.

The Audience laughs.

Bud: Mom, you going to turn that back on?

Peg: What's prime time now.

The Audience laughs.

Peg and the kids watch Al. He goes to the Kitchen to get a beer.

He then attempts to open it, but injures his hand.

The Audience laughs.

Al notices everybody looking and tries to smile it off.

The Audience laughs.

He then goes to the crock pot for a sniff, nearly falling

back from overwhelm.

The Audience laughs.

Al: Peg, you could have at least put some seasoning in it to cover up the smell!

The Audience laughs.

Al kicks off his shoes, noticing his slippers are missing.

Al: Where are my slippers?

Peg: I ran out of seasoning, hope you don't mind!

Peg and the kids laugh.

Bud: Good one Mom.

Al: Ha, ha.

Al then pulls a bag of pretzels from a cupboard and sets himself

a place at the dining room table.

The doorbell rings.

Peg: I wonder who that could be this late?

Peg goes to the door.

Bud: Oh, that must be

Bud gets up, straightening out his sleeves.

Kelly chuckles.

Kelly: Ladies night at the nursing home again, stud?

Bud: Hey, I hope you'll know that, unlike you, I was a PAID host.

Bud puts up a big smile. Kelly sticks out her tongue.

Audience laughs.

Peg: Alright, stop it you two!

Peg, after looking through the curtain, opens the door. We see the GO-GO dancer

from the Polk High School reunion standing at the door.

She is wearing an academy style uniform.

Peg: OH, Al! There's a girl scout here. Have a few bucks?

Al comes over to take a look.

Andrea: Oh, I'm not here to sell cookies Ma'am. I'm here to see Bud?

Peg: Bud? Are you sure? This Bud?

Bud: Mom, stop. Please! Can't you just be happy for me?

Al: (To Andrea) Is that true?

Andrea nods yes. Al high fives Bud.

Al: That's the spirit Bud! I knew you had the ole Bundy gene's in you Son!
But just remember from this moment on, while it lasts, she may be young
and beautiful now, but if you hang on too long and make a couple
of mistakes along the way, you are going to get what I'm getting now
and it isn't going to be pretty.

Al looks at Peg. Peg just stands there, arms crossed, with a smirk.

Al (cont:) ...Got it, Son?

Bud: Yea, sure Dad. Got it.

Bud (cont to Andrea:) ...Ready?

Andrea nods.

Andrea: Oh, there's just one more thing.

Bud: What's that?

Andrea looks over as her Dad enters. (A Captain Lou Albano look-a-like)

Andrea: This is my Dad, he insists on coming along. I hope you won't mind?

Bud remains speechless.

Andrea: (cont:) ...He doubles as my bodyguard as well and will keep us safe. Won't you Dad?

CapnLou: You know I will Sweetheart! And if you decide to get hitched, I just got my preachers license
as well!

CapnLou (to Al:) My daughter always get's what she wants! And when she wants something, I get it for her!
Right Angel?

Andrea nods.

CapnLou (to Al:) No problems here, right?! Come with us Al, we've got a lot to talk about! Especially about the future!

Al and Bud look concerned. However, Peg and Kelly smiles as CapnLou drags Al out the door.

Al: PEG!!!

Peg: Have a good time Al!

Peg closes the door.

Audience laughs.

Peg: Well, Kelly, it Looks like it's going to be ladies night tonight!

They high five. Peg goes to turn on the TV.

Kelly: I'll get the Hagen Daz!

Kelly goes to the refrigerator.


Chapter End Notes:

A reflection with regard to the cast prior to TP.

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