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Author's Chapter Notes:

Based on Season 2 episode 1 "BACK FROM THE DEAD AGAIN."

Jarod looks out his window. A kid walks by.
He opens the door and shows him a bowl full of candy.

Kid: Yes, mister?

jarod: It's halloween, dont you want some candy?

kid: Yes.

jarod: So why didnt you knock?

Kid: I'm not allowed to talk to strangers.

jarod: It should be okay if your with your parents.

Jarod looks around.

Kid: They aren't here.

Jarod: Now im really confused.

Kid: You see, I can only go to houses where they leave
the candy outside.

Jarod: Oh..but your allowed to walk in the dark alone?

Kid: I'm not alone mister!

Jarod: Your not?

kid: No. My friends are here with me, I'm just faster than they

Jarod laughs.

Jarod: Well, that explains it!

Kid: (cont..) They can have the tricks, I just want the treats!

Jarod chuckles and lets him pick from the bowl of treats.

Jarod: Take your pick! As many as you like.

Kid: Oh, boy!

Chapter End Notes:

REBIRTH: The process of being born again or coming "back from the dead!"

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