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This is a collection of small Madeline one-shots that don't really fit in the Cooking with Madeline universe, but begged to be told.

#1- Madeline & Jarod

#2- Madeline & Jarod

#3- Madeline & Miss Parker- added 10/7/13

#4- Madeline & Miss Parker- added 10/7/13

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Published: 25/07/13 Updated: 07/10/13

1. Mini-Golf by Danielle SmileyFace [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (1940 words)

Author’s Note: This story takes place sometime in the Madeline universe, but doesn’t necessarily fit into the timeframe of either version, hence I‘m giving it it‘s own little ‘one-shot‘ category. Another story or two might join it here at some point.

2. New York City by Danielle SmileyFace [Reviews - 1] (518 words)

The one-shots aren’t in chronological order- just in the order they come to me, whatever that may be; so the timeline is purposefully murky. =)  You should be familiar with version 1 of the Madeline Series- Cooking with Madeline before reading this, so you know what’s going on.  

3. Temporary Homes in a Deep and Dark December by Danielle SmileyFace [Reviews - 0] (3905 words)

10/7/13- Happy #PretenderRebirth Day!  :)

The title is taken from the awesome song Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood (Madeline’s contribution) plus a little I Am A Rock by Simon & Garfunkel (which has always reminded me of my beloved Miss P). It seemed to fit because Madeline really was only supposed to be with Miss Parker for a little while…

Back when the show was airing and I started this series, I went back in time to the first season (I believe I started writing it during season 2, after seeing Miss P and Debbie in 2x09 Collateral Damage). So I ended up skipping quite a bit of time in an effort to get caught up to where the show was airing. This is just a little-maybe-not-so-little glimpse into the early days of the Miss Parker-Madeline relationship- I swear it was only gonna be a couple pages, but then it snowballed. =)


I feel like this part deserves a potential trigger warning if you’re sensitive about abuse- it deals with Madeline going to the doctor right after landing on Miss Parker’s doorstep all beat up. I’m also not a doctor, so if you are and notice I got anything completely wrong, please correct me. =)

4. Persistence by Danielle SmileyFace [Reviews - 0] (1131 words)

10/7/13- Happy #PretenderRebirth Day!!!

A/N: Conversations in ASL (American Sign Language) use ^ ^ instead of quotes. So I wrote this one in one sitting, in the early hours of the morning when I should’ve been in bed. But when Madeline wants to tell me a story, I really have no choice but to listen. =)

Disclaimer: The Pretender universe and characters belong to two cool guys you may have heard of- Steve and Craig (are you following them on Twitter? @PretenderSteve and @CraigVanSickle1 :).