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Sydney sets out to cure the psychological effects of a traumatic childhood.  His patient is less than thrilled.

Rated: G
Categories: Prequel
Characters: Jarod, Sydney
Genres: Comedy, General
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Completed: Yes Word count: 1947 Read: 6894
Published: 07/02/10 Updated: 10/02/10
Story Notes:
I wrote this a while back for Jacci’s fortieth (love you, Jacs!  Hope Kye got this to you okay with the art.) but I figured I might as well post this for everyone to enjoy (or mock if that’s how you roll).  It’s a collection of light-hearted ficlets focusing on Jarod’s childhood in his own words.  Yes, I did just use “light-hearted” and “Jarod’s childhood” in the same sentence.  Sue me. Those hoping for my usual style will be sorely disappointed; I layered on the fluffy for this.Hope you enjoy.  It’s a three-parter, so I’ll post the rest in a few days.  School has owned me for some time now, but if that’s ever not the case and the spirit moves me I might add to this (or, you know, I might finish the WIP that’s spent *years* in limbo).  I miss you all and wish I had more time for fandom.

1. Sydney's Dumb Idea by MP [Reviews - 0] (393 words)
Special thanks to Onisius for the beta

2. The Quiet Ones by MP [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstar (715 words)

3. Mood Lighting by MP [Reviews - 1] (839 words)
This is the last installment for now.  Hope you've enjoyed this little bit of fluff.