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Author's Chapter Notes:
Best times to write smut are when a big-ass thunderstorm interrupts RP time, right before lights going out *grins* Hopefully getting this puppy written will give my other twinnie story a boot up the ass.
Danke to ICD for encouraging my insanity.

Twincest Warning; do you expect anything less from me???

Parker lay on the couch in her office, the back of her hand pressed against her sweaty forehead. Her breath was slow and labored, the effort unnaturally immense when she was struggling to breathe against the suffocating heat as it robbed every breath of air from the office.

The air was stifling, unpleasant, humid.

It was too hot. It was too hard to breathe.

The moron who programmed the sequence to send the Centre into full lockdown mode – in the event of a nuclear holocaust, a fire, or to ease a coup’s attempt at assassinating her father – should be strung up in the nearest tree by his genitals.

There was a perfectly valid reason why the Centre’s lockdown sequence was only tested in the middle of the night, after everyone had gone home. There was no power, the elevators didn’t work, the ventilation systems shutdown while all junctions in the vents sealed off; to control the spread of fires by limiting the oxygen, and to not circulate radiation-polluted air around the complex.

However, not only did it restrict the oxygen any fires would receive, but also any employees that were inside the Centre at the time. People couldn’t move from their level, and in some cases where labs were sealed with electronic locks they couldn’t leave their workstations.

Human loss was inconsequential, the one and only purpose of the complete system shutdown was to preserve the Centre. Workers could be replaced, the Centre was eternal.

However, today, there was no fire, no assassination attempt on her father. It was just some fool pressing the wrong numbers. There was a significant difference between midday and midnight.

One difference being that at midnight, there wasn’t a sun beating down, roasting everything within its blistering path.

Not only did she have to endure the heavy air with the ventilation systems being offline, but being in the middle of a heat wave only exacerbated the discomfort. She had stopped watching the thermometer when the mercury smashed through the 100 degree Fahrenheit mark, and showed no signs of decreasing anytime soon.

Parker cursed that the windows in her office were the kind that only opened after some solid object was hurtled through the glass. She was tempted to break the glass – a million times she was tempted – but each time she stopped herself. She doubted she would be any better off; the air outside wouldn’t be much of an improvement to the air in her office she was battling to breathe.

No ventilation; no faint breeze of cooler air coming through the ducts in her office.

No electricity; she couldn’t run a fan to cool herself down. It was little comfort she didn’t have a fan to stare at, the fantasy of it blowing cool air around her office torturing her.

If she had been on the lower sublevels when the snafu took out every one of their systems, she would be marginally better off. Being underground, protected by the upper levels, the sublevels wouldn’t be enduring the same problem as the Tower; standing tall, catching the full brunt of the sun’s heat on every angle. Granted, they wouldn’t be having an easier time with the air being any less unbearable, but at least they weren’t in their own private oven, slowly roasting.

Parker shifted for the umpteenth time, an annoyed and frustrated growl passing her lips. She was attempting to keep as still as possible to avoid excessive overheating, but it was impossible. Her blood was boiling; cooking her from the inside out, merely lying still was only serving to make her even more irritable.

Her clothing – what little she hadn’t already shed – clung to her, pearls of sweat beading across her skin. Her office was agonizingly hot, but she didn’t waste energy and making herself any hotter by looking for cooler place. The level would be just as hot.

Lyle shuffled out of his office, moving down the hallway towards Parker’s, two crystal tumblers of ice in hand, his shoeless feet making no sound on the floor. The only thing moving on this level was him, the silence was deafening without the whirling of the vents. Seeing as they were both trapped on this level, equally suffering the heat, the least he could do was offer his suffering sister some ice. Actually, the least he could do was nothing, but he was becoming increasingly short-tempered in his office while it gave its impression of a furnace, so this was the next best thing. Who knew, this brotherly act of kindness could earn him a debt he could cash in later.

Nudging open the door to her office, Lyle paused a moment and just took in the view, cataloging her appearance from top to bottom.

She had discarded her heels at the end of the couch; the way her shoes lay on their sides indicated her frustration when she carelessly tossed them down.

Acres and acres of leg that seemed to continue on for days was only interrupted at mid-thigh where the incredibly short mini-skirt appeared, stopping the feast of naked flesh. However, even with the interruption nothing was left to the imagination.

Her unbuttoned blouse exposed her torso, a burgundy-colored bra in stark contrast to her pale skin, glimmering with pearls of sweat that beaded on her alabaster skin, suffering the heat just as he suffered.

If it wasn’t hot enough for him before, it certainly was now. "Ice Queen not coping with a little heat?" he asked smoothly, shaking off his daydream of licking the sweat from her skin.

Parker had heard the door open but didn’t spare the intruder a glance, knowing it would be Lyle before he spoke. As the situation stood, Lyle was the only one with a death wish to bother her when it was so hot. Broots and Sydney were stuck on their respective levels, so they were instantly discounted. She noted his appearance before responding; his shirt halfway unbuttoned, his missing tie, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, his flushed face, the sheen of sweat on his face. "No better than you it seems," she mumbled, closing her eye, dismissing any further interruptions. "Piss off Lyle, it’s too hot to fight with you."

"Who said anything about fighting? I come with ice," he smiled at her, extending the tumble towards her.

"Ice?" Parker echoed, reopening her eyes instantly as the word resonated in her head, looking up at him. "Where did you get ice?" she asked, forcing herself to sit up even though she really didn’t want to. She didn’t want to move, she just wanted to remain in the one spot until it wasn’t so unbearably hot.

"My bar fridge," he shrugged. "Power’s out, the Centre’s getting hot without the ventilation. Why let the ice go to waste?" He pressed the glass into her hand. "No catch."

"Since when do you do anything without a catch?" she asked but didn’t rebuff the glass. She was so hot she would accept ice from Lyle without a nasty word.

"Since we’re both likely to suffocate if those fools don’t get the systems back online." He sat down on the couch beside her. He said nothing about her near-naked state, not wanting to spoil his view. "They’re going ahead with diagnostics, since the system is already down, they’re making use of it. Systematically bringing everything online."

"How do you know all that?" Parker crunched on the ice, feeling marginally better when the cool water slid down her throat, hitting her stomach pleasantly before the cool began to fade, the raging heat of her body consuming the taste of the ice.

"I rang the jackasses. Main lines are down, but cells are working just fine." He sucked on an ice cube absently.

"Perfect. By the time they do that, the entire working staff will be dead." She pressed the chilled crystal against her forehead, her eyes closing.

"Dad is due back from Berlin next week, so unless there is a report underlining what went wrong, deaths will ensue." Oh, he was going to have a fun couple of days. Find the jackass who programmed the sequence, and get a straight answer out of him. Or get an answer that would satisfy their father.

"If we live to see next week," Parker countered, feeling as though she was melting in this sweltering heat.

Lyle smirked to himself. This civility was rare between them, and the fact she was half-naked was just a bonus. "You’re not going to let a little heat get the better of you, are you?" he asked, teasing her lightly as he took an ice cube from his glass and pressed it against the side of her neck.

Parker jumped when the initial shock of the sudden cold jolted through her. She slowly began to relax after growing accustomed to the ice, the cold felt good against her overheated skin. "I never said it would. Things will get hotter before they get cooler, the vents will need to expel the hot air first," she told him, her eyes closing as he drew the ice cube up her neck, just behind her ear.

"No doubt about that. Things are about to get hotter," he agreed huskily, licking the ice cube, tasting her sweat. Gripping the ice between his teeth, he leaned towards her neck, gliding the ice over her skin, inhaling her overheated scent from his close proximity.

Parker drew away from him in surprised at his sudden closeness and the startling chill of the ice he pressed against her skin, with his mouth no less. "What are you doing?"

Lyle crunched the ice before responding. "Distraction. I know of a surefire way of cooling down." He leaned towards her, closing his mouth over the side of her neck, sliding his ice-cooled tongue against her skin.

"No Lyle," Parker told him, pressing her hand against the middle of his chest, ignoring the fact she was touching bare skin, and pushed him away. There had been a shift between them since Texas, but she had ignored it. "Two things you have probably forgotten in this heat; firstly, what you propose is illegal, secondly, it would make us hotter, not cooler."

"You don’t know how I intend on using the ice," Lyle told her innocently, freeing the crystal from her hand, putting both tumblers on the floor in front of the couch. He turned her slowly, laying her down on the couch, only partially surprised by how little she was refusing him. She was in conflict with herself, part of her said ‘no’ while another – louder - part said ‘yes’; it was time she let go of the conflict.

Parker watched his face the entire time, losing track of his hands. She jumped when she felt his hand on the side of her thigh, guiding her leg to the side before he leaned towards her. "Lyle, stop it. It’s too hot," she pressed her forearm against the front of his chest, holding him away, feeling the temperature of her blood increasing exponentially with every passing second.

"Then stop arguing," Lyle smiled at her, leaning against her arm that was bracing across his chest, a futile attempt at holding him away, and lightly kissed the side of her neck. "You’re just too stubborn to admit you want this. You’ve noticed the shift between us as much as I have," he whispered against her neck, letting his hips settle against hers. She was still tense beneath him, but that was alright. She would relax soon enough.

Parker squirmed beneath him, her irritation rising when she was getting hotter with him draped over her. She turned her head away from his, shoving more weight behind her arm to push him away. "Lyle, get off!" she snarled at him, her hips bucking up to dislodge him. What he was doing was illegal, they were at the Centre, and she was hot!

Lyle reached over the edge of the couch, taking an ice cube from one of the glasses. As soon as he pressed the ice against her thigh, he felt her still. "See," he murmured, watching as he slid the ice over her thigh, leaving a watery trail in its wake. "You stop fighting, you stop feeling so hot," he circled the ice over her knee before moving back up her thigh. "There is no reason for this undue aggravation. No one is going to bother us, so settle down, hm?"

Parker was still for a moment beneath him when the ice impacted with her overheated skin, offering temporary relief. It wasn’t enough, she was just too hot. Just as she planted her hands against the middle of his chest to shove him away, she paused when he pressed the melting ice cube against her neck, below her ear. She exhaled a shuddering breath, her hands clenching around his shirt as she titled her head when he moved the ice.

"See, this is so much better if you just allow yourself to relax. I’ll have you cooled down in no time," Lyle smiled at her reaction. She was only making herself hotter by pointlessly fighting him. They would be stuck here for a while, no one would come barging into her office; they were free to find their own way of dealing with the heat.

"It’s too hot to fight with you," she repeated her earlier words, relaxing beneath him as he moved the ice over her skin. She wasn’t cool enough that the restlessness and complete irritation was abating, but there was an improvement.

"Then don’t fight me," Lyle shook his head, drawing the ice over her collarbone, following the line of her sternum before tracing the swelling of her breast. Leaning towards her, he followed the trail of water with his tongue, tasting both the water and her sweat. Before she had a chance to start fighting him, resisting him because she was hot, he moved the blouse out of the way before he circled the melting ice cub around her navel.

Parker arched her back with a sharp hiss, shuddering as the cold of the ice sent shockwaves through her scorching body. She didn’t fight as he kissed her neck, instead turned her head to the side, not caring what he did, entirely focused on appeasing sensation of the ice on her skin.

This was so much nicer when she wasn’t snapping and snarling at him. He shushed her mew of protest when the ice finally melted between his fingers and her hot body. "Two glasses more," he murmured with a smile, watching her heavy-lidded eyes, her flushed face. He kissed her, surprised when she actively participated, their lips parting to let their tongues duel. Reaching for another ice cube, he slid it over her thigh, groaning into the kiss when he felt her squirm beneath him.

Parker writhed beneath him as he slid the ice up her thigh, her skin quivering pleasantly beneath the cold. Sliding her hands up his chest, she felt sweaty skin where the shirt was unbuttoned. Drawing back from the kiss, meeting his gaze momentarily, she yanked his shirt free of his trousers before pulling it over his head, tossing it aside.

Now this was more like it! After she rid him of the shirt, he was back, kissing the side of her neck, his hands roaming over her torso; his right hand sliding the ice over her skin, cooling her. Leaving the ice into her navel, he slid his hand beneath her back, drawing her away from the couch, removing her blouse. Smiling at the acres of naked skin that lay open before him, he nibbled on her shoulder.

Threading her fingers in his hair, she held him against her shoulder, leaning her chin up, opening more room for him. Her other hand reached for the ice he left to melt in her navel. Gliding it over his chest, she grabbed his belt, bringing their pelvises firmer together just as he squirmed at the ice impacting with his hot skin.

He jerked back in surprise when she slid the ice over his skin. When she drew him back towards her, their pelvises grinding together, his eyes fell closed with a low moan. He had wanted her to participate, but hadn't thought she actually would.

The room was getting hotter it seemed, but she didn't really take notice anymore, other things distracting her. Moving the ice cube down his chest again, she shifted her grip on it as her fingers slipped past his belt with the ice.

His previous low moan turned into startled yelp, bucking into her hand when she moved the ice inside his boxers, sensitive skin recoiling at the now unpleasant chill. Lyle narrowed his eyes at her when she chuckled darkly at him. Like he hadn’t thought she would actually participate, he hadn’t thought she would play any games. He shouldn’t really be surprised; Parker had always played games with him. She wore those incredibly short skirts, knowing full well how insane they made him. When they fought, she always gave him the up close and personal approach; close enough to touch, close enough to smell her perfume, close enough to feel the heat of her body.

Removing the ice cube from his trousers, a devilish smile on her lips at his reaction, Parker slowly circled the ice over his chest until it completely melted. Gripping the back of his neck, she drew him down, kissing him demandingly, her tongue invading his mouth.

Lyle reached for the zipper of her skirt, sliding it down before shifting his weight, tugging the skirt away after she lifted her hips from the couch. After dropping the skirt carelessly to the floor by the couch, Lyle let his weight bear down on her, dueling her for control of the kiss.

Dragging her nails down his sides, feeling sweaty skin quivering beneath her touch, Parker reached between them, nimble fingers working open his belt. Sliding her hand inside his trousers, she stroked her fingers over him through the silk boxers, catching his moan.

Moaning as she stroked his erection through his boxers, Lyle rocked his hips into her hand, drawing back from the kiss to watch her expression, his perception narrowing down to her. Her eyes glowed darkly up at him, the intensity of her gaze made the office seem hotter, pearls of sweat beading over his skin. The office was like a furnace, his blood boiling furiously in his veins. It was so hot. Moving back from her hand, Lyle shed his trousers before laying over her once more, the absence of his pants making a slight difference in his increasing temperature.

Parker followed the planes of his chest with her eyes as he removed his pants, smiling darkly at his erection tenting his boxers. When he lay over her again, she stroked her hands over his sweaty skin, tracing the path she had previously followed with her eyes. "Ice," she whispered, lifting her head from the couch to lick a bead of sweat from his jaw. She was feeling hotter despite being nearly naked now.

Lyle reached over the edge of the couch, feeling for the tumblers not breaking from her gaze. Retrieving an ice cube, he pressed it against her temple, slowly moving it around her forehead, cooling her throbbing temples. Tracing the ice down the bridge of her nose, he circled it over her lips before kissing her, licking away the water before sliding his tongue over hers. He traced the ice down the line of her neck, moving onto her collarbones only to pause at the swelling of her breasts.

Her eyes fell closed with a soft moan, her back arching from the couch only to shiver when their chests glided together, their skin slicked with sweat. Dragging her nails down his chest, her hands slid beneath the waistband of his boxers, closing her fingers around his length.

Lyle groaned when her fingers closed around his erection, the motion smooth with confidence. Parker knew what she wanted, and right now she wanted him. He had wanted her the first time he saw her, the intensity of the desire only becoming clear when he learned of them being twins. They were the same, wanted the same things. They were the same blood; the same flesh mirrored; halves to make a whole. Sliding his hand beneath her back, he unclasped her bra. He couldn’t wait anymore, he wanted her, and he wanted all of her. He wanted to experience her with nothing separating a total union, nothing but skin on skin would satisfy his desire.

Parker pressed her shoulders into the couch, curling her back, making it easier for him to unclasp her bra. Her hand fell over the edge of the couch, her fingers brushing against the rim of a tumbler. Rasping her nails against the underside of his erection, she removed her hand from his boxers, her hand moving to his hip just as she picked up a piece of ice, gliding it down his back, tracing his spine. She smiled hungrily when the movement of arching his back pressed his hips firmer against hers, his erection demanding attention against her inner thigh.

Lyle groaned against her neck, his back curling beneath the ice. Biting the pulse point in her throat, he trailed his lips down her collarbones before moving to her breasts, removing the bra entirely, dropping it to the floor. Circling his tongue around her nipple, he took her breast into his mouth, alternating between suckling and biting her flesh, humming against her skin when she writhed beneath him appreciatively.

Writhing against him with a dark moan as he feasted on her breasts, Parker tightened her hand on his hip, continuing to slide the melting ice over his feverish skin. Moving her leg, she rubbed her foot against the back of his calf, flexing her hips against his, passionate friction reigniting between them.

Planting his left hand against the couch – useless for feeling her because of the leather glove – Lyle rocked his weight forward into her hips, meeting her motion, causing them both to groan loudly at the electricity that blazed through them. Breathing heavily, Lyle brought their lips together in a faint, lingering kiss, their eyes locked together.

Parker’s hand rose to his face, her fingertips tracing over his sweaty forehead, trailing down to the side of his jaw lightly, smearing pearls of sweat. Pressing her lips more firmly against his, her hand moved from his hip to grip his ass, pulling him closer to her. Her intentions were clear.

Lyle closed his eyes when the implications of her movement suddenly made him lightheaded, his head spinning when he felt unbearably hot. Pressing another kiss to her lips, then her chin and then her chest as he drew away from her, Lyle shed his boxers before he removed her panties, a hungry growl resounding in his throat when she lay naked beneath him. She was beautiful; glowing from arousal, glistening with sweat. Truly breathtaking.

Parker purred approvingly at the sight of his nakedness and the obvious effect she had on him. When he lay over her again, she dragged her nails down his back, evoking a growl as he shuddered against her. Gripping his ear between her teeth, she chewed on his earlobe, tugging insistently.

Lyle had always known she was aggressive, a biter, liked using her nails. She was just like him - a biter - they were the same flesh, the same blood. He growled at the abuse her nails and teeth were inflicting on his skin, gripping her nipple between his teeth. Shifting atop her, Lyle slowly entered her, drawing out the completion, wanting to savor every nuance.

Parker’s breath hitched in her throat when he gradually entered her, her back arching, her hips angling, allowing him to slide further inside. Gripping the back of his neck, she held his mouth against her breast, a passionate groan passing her lips while she clawed at his back.

When he was fully inside her, panting harshly for breath, Lyle drew back from her skin, holding himself above her. Gazing down at her, he saw her eyes dark and hungry, almost wild in appearance as she observed him just as he was observing her. He knew his eyes would be the same. His lips parted as if to speak only to have her finger press against his lips, silencing any potential words.

Not looking away from his eyes, Parker pressed her fingers to his lips when he was about to speak. There was no reason for him to say anything, there was nothing for either of them to say. This was pleasurable just the way it was, words tended to complicate matters, especially between them when they couldn’t go 30 seconds before another fight broke out. Parker silently suspected their fighting days were over though.

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