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Summary: A restless night promising no respite. An unwelcome visitor. Drama ensues. All in the life of a Pretender. Or so he thinks..
Rated: PG 13
Categories: Post IOTH
Characters: Jarod, Miss Parker, Original Character, Other Centre Character, Other Non-Centre Related Character
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Completed: No Word count: 6205 Read: 14600
Published: 17/12/06 Updated: 18/01/07

1. A Dangerous Encounter by CrackerjacknPez [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1238 words)

A/N: In the Pilot episode, Miss Parker mentions Onisius, the Greek god of retribution. Upon searching the internet on this fact, I have found that the god of retribution is actually a goddess named Nemesis. I have decided to keep Onisius for the purpose of keeping the story straight. But, just so you know. g OK, I think there’s just one more thing. The raven who says “nevermore”, mentioned in this chapter, is from Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven”.

THANK YOU!! To Janna, my roommate who knows just enough the Pretender to help me learn more about writing!

BIG KUDOS TO Em, Anna, and Jay for help on getting ideas, running through different scenarios, and for all kinds of advice!! I really couldn’t have done it without you!!

Alright, I turn you loose to my first fanfic! Enjoy! Please, Read/Review for me, please? I’m still a fanfic writer in training. g Thanks!!

2. Creativity in a Solution by CrackerjacknPez [Reviews - 0] (1124 words)

Thank you to all of you who left reviews, Porkywine, Jacci, Runner Sims, Ann, earthdrago, and Blademistress!! And thank you for being so patient with me as I stalled, procrastinated, stalled some more, and finally set my patootie down to write the rest! Now it's as perfect as I can get it.

And, another also, g there's a part in here that I got from a line in my all-time favorite movie "Princess Bride"... see if you can spot it! wink There's also a part that I got from a fanfic earthdrago wrote (BTW, thanks, earthdrago! wink, g ); it's from the fanfic, "Car Crashes and Change".

3. Another One Alone by CrackerjacknPez [Reviews - 1] (1775 words)

A/N: This chappie is dedicated to Rubes and Bec... Thank you!! You guys rock. And thanks to all of you who reviewed!

Crazyrussiangal and Pretenderfan, LOLLL I'm all for J and MP getting together! Let's see where the story takes us, all of us.

AJandT04, I'm writing as quickly as my inspiration lets me.. send me some nice and obedient plot bunnies, please! (Don't know what they are? Ask Sezzie. :-P)

Anto, Thanks for the compliment! I really am trying to make it as Pretender-ish as I can, which is probably why updates aren't as frequent as I'd like. The rest of the story is still in all the secret compartments of my imagination, hidden and concealed solely, I'm sure, for my annoyance.. I'm still trying to find 'em. :-p If you see any plot bunnies running around, let me know. (Don't know what they are? Ask Sezzie. :-P) The reason why I thought Jarod would open his door at 2 am is b/c he has no reason to think that MP found him already. He was caught off guard because he wasn't expecting her to just appear at his door, especially that early in the morning. This is one of the few times MP outsmarts J, flipping his manipulating plans upside down. This usually happens when J gets cocky and underestimates the Ice Queen.

OK, here's the next chapter... Hope you like it. Let me know!

4. Secrets by CrackerjacknPez [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstar (2068 words)

A/N: For those of you who have been waiting for this, thank you for being so patient! I know I shouldn’t be posting as I write, but I can’t help it! ^_^ Hope you understand, and I hope this calms your anxiety about my continuance as a writer! :-p And, as always, be sure to review… please, with cherries on top? :p This chapter is dedicated to Fox, who actually answered one of our pleas with four seasons on DVD! Thank you.. Now, the movies, please!