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Disclaimer: The characters Miss Parker, Sydney, Jarod, Broots etc. and the fictional Centre, are all property of MTM and NBC Productions and used without permission. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended.

Blue Skies
part 2
by 23

Raines looked at Jarod, almost happily. „Understand that if you do not comply, we will be forced to kill Michelle and Nicholas. You understand that, Jarod?"

„I’ll comply," Jarod responded, cursing himself for getting Nicholas and Michelle involved.

„That is very good. Of course, we will need to start from day 1 with the simulations. Your new mentor will await your finished building."

Jarod worked indifferently on rebuilding the same building he had when he had first started performing simulations. It made him feel an awful swelling in his stomach. When he was done, he didn’t say anything. He just waited. The door opened almost immediately afterwards, in spite of the fact he had tried to avoid being noticed.

„Hello Jarod. My name is Charles. I’m going to be taking care of you for a while." A completely unfamiliar man walked in.

„Who are you? Where is Sydney?" Jarod asked, confused and angered.

„Sydney has been transferred. The Centre felt his efforts were... not to their full capacity. I am taking over his position." Jarod sat down. Life was going to be Hell again. If only someone could help.


Psychology Wing
Blue Cove, DE

Sydney worked on his plants, fearfully. Michelle and Nicholas watched him.Nicholas stood up. „Dad?" he asked.

„Yes, Nicholas?" replied Sydney.

„How long are we going to be here? At this place? It gives me the creeps."

„Probably a while. You’ll probably want to eat something. There’s a cafeteria, but I rarely go there."

„Nick and I aren’t hungry, Sydney," said Michelle. „I’ve told him about this place. We’ll wait with you."

„As you wish, Michelle."


Jarod’s Sim Lab
Blue Cove, DE

„Jarod, I need you to work. Why can’t you focus?" Charles asked.

„I need to talk to Sydney. Where is Sydney? I need to talk to Sydney. Where is Sydney?" Jarod
repeated the same answer, and continued to do so.

„Jarod! Please. Why do you need to talk toSydney?"

„There’s a girl. The Centre will kill her and her mother unless we do something! I need help. Will you help me Charles?"

„Jarod, I’m sorry. If I bend the rules they’ll kill me."

„So you’d rather kill a childto save your skin. Please, you have to help me!"

„Jarod. You have 5 minutes to talk tohim. Here," said Charles, handing him a phone, „tell Sydney what you need to."

„Thank you, Charles."


Psychology Wing
Blue Cove, DE

Sydney’s phone began to beep. He picked it up. „Sydney...How did you get to the phone? Oh...okay. Right," he said, picking up a pad of paper and scribbling on it, „I’ll do it. I promise. Jarod...don’t let this place control you again. Thank you. Goodbye."

Michelle and Nicholas stood up.

„I’d like to go with you Dad," said Nicholas.

„And me too," said Michelle, „I can’t stand idly by and watch them do this anymore."

„Jarod told me about a Project: BLUE. Raines is deciphering the entire human genome and he’s almost finished with it. Worse than GEMINI, however, as he will be able to understand the amino acids and make virtually any creature he would like. We have to save the child whose DNA is being sequenced. She’s at this address."


167 Wilton Alley
McAllen, TX

Sydney rang the doorbell. The same woman who Jarod had helped earlier at the McDonald’s opened the door. Jarod had given Syd an accurate description, so he knew who he was looking for.

„Mrs. Klipe, you and your daughter are in grave danger."

Nicholas helped them into the truck outside, and Michelle followed.


Michelle began, but Syd interrupted her. „I’m sorry, but I can’t leave. Someday, Jarod will be back there permanently, and if I’m not there, they might destroy him. Now go before Raines arrives," Sydney said.


The Centre
Blue Cove, DE

„Dad, Sydney has compromised our entire project by relocating the girl. And his family has escaped. Surely you will not stand for such insubordination!" Lyle said, explaining his anger.

„Now Lyle, Sydney’s done too good a job for us here at the Centre for me to believe something like that. In fact, I’ll bet it was Jarod who did this. Now doesn’t that make more sense?" Responded Mr. Parker.

„Of course, Dad," said Lyle with a very venomous slur.

„Well then, the next thing we have to do is regain control of Jarod’s mind. I think you’d be the best person to do that, Lyle. Will you?"

„It would be my pleasure, Dad"


Jarod’s Sim Lab
Blue Cove, DE

„Mr. Lyle? What are you doing here? What happened to Charles?" Jarod asked, confused, angry, and disturbed.

„Charles had to take a short break. I’ll be taking care of you for a while."

Jarod tried to run, but there was nowhere to go. „Lyle, you are a sick sick man."

„It is very hurtful to me for you to insult the fact that I have a psychological disorder."

„You mean an obsessive need to order mail-order brides, torture them in your shack and kill them?" „Why...yes," said Lyle.


The Centre
Blue Cove, DE

„Miss Parker, I’ve traced the girl and her mother that Jarod helped escape," said Broots, nervously.

„Where to, Broots? San Francisco, Puerto Rico?" asked Miss Parker.

„Actually...just down the road from here."

„Jarod helped theses two people escape fromLyle, and now sends them along to the place that’s hunting them?"

„Jarod’s motivation,"answered Sydney as he entered, „is much more complicated than that. I’m not sure what it is this time. That makes me feel...empty. I wish Charles hadn’t replaced me. I knowJarod..."

„Sydney...I can’t believe they did this to you...I knew they were bad...but this isunforgivable. Even if they didn’t kill my mother...I hate this place."

„Miss Parker, you were not here by choice. You were raised here. Your family is here. I lost my family because of them, and I didn’t do anything about it. I have done some very bad things under their orders. But I had a choice. And I can’t forgive myself."

„Sydney...I may have been raised here, but it was my choice to stay. I could have left this place...before Thomas...before they...and I would have had a life. Now I feel empty, the same way you feel empty when Jarod’s alone."

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