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Disclaimer: They belong to Craig and Steve and TNT and some other people probably, but that's beside the point. The point is that they're not mine and I'm not making money off them, so there! *sticks out tongue at owwers, then realizes what she's doing and runs away*

Author's Note: The story itself didn't take forever to finish (about twenty minutes actually) but the idea of how to end it all just wouldn't come to me. I'm sorry to everyone I promised this would be out sooner that it wasn't. I had a major Jarod-Block. I think it was because of this block that this part is written in such a different style than the other parts. And it's short, but oh well.

A Little Peace
part 4
by BlackDiamond


Wordlessly your eyes open. Wordlessly my hands still. Wordlessly I wipe your tears away.

Your hand raises and stills mine on your cheek, resting it there, cupping the fragile bones and gentle curve.

The silence is it's own prison and for just an instant neither of us know how to break free. Then your tears start again, your body curling in on itself though you don't let go of my hand.

>From somewhere you have found a key and speak. "Get out."

All I hear is the pain in your tone, the desolation, the dreams of what could have been hanging between us until we both disappear. Your words register after an instant eternity and I recoil as if slapped. I don't understand.

"I don't understand," I say.

You shiver from my voice but not the cold.

"It's better that you don't," you say.

How can it be better? I'm almost angry now, can feel the confusion contorting my features, can feel the bitter words trying desperately to break free of my tongue. How can it be better?

And suddenly I know. I know why it would be better.

You want me to stay.

You see the understanding in my eyes and we are now treading on dangerous ground. You want me to stay but you can't gaurantee you'll feel the same in the light of day. I want to stay but I also want to stay free. Our unspoken truce can't last forever and I want my freedom even more than I want you.

Wordlessly I stand. Wordlessly I watch you cry. Wordlessly I walk away.

Wordlessly I love you.



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