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Disclaimer: With the exception of the family, all the characters belong to NBC, MTM and Fox ; I'm just borrowing them for my story. Please don't sue:)

Title - Time For Reunion
Author - Vania
Rating - PG
Category - C/AV/S/R
Spoilers - up to fourth season
Keywords - MPJF/MPJR (hopefully)
Summary - The Centre is in trouble... I won't tell more. If you want to know, read it!

Author's note: This story has spoilers - all the episodes aired till now. I'm trying to put everything together, so it makes sense but I didn't see the episodes and I might let something out. Also I don't have a clue of what happened to Samantha Waters from 'Profiler', so forgive me.

Part 1
by Vania

It’s was another day at The Centre just like any other day, but something made that day different: it was Miss Parker’s – and Mr. Lyle’s – birthday! It was the first time she was going to spend her birthday with her brother and she knew it was going to be kind of strange.

Besides The Centre was upside down. First, it was her father's disappearance, then Brigitte's death and her brother's birth, and now Raines was dead and she had just found that she has a brother. And there was also the explosion in the subway, which they miraculously survived, and that plan Catherine wanted her to continue. This was driving her nuts.

That's when Sydney and Broots entered her office and interrupted her thoughts with new information on Jarod.

"I found something that might interest you Miss Parker." Broots said as Miss Parker asked

"And what did you find?"

"Well, hum... it seems that Jarod entered the FBI mainframe and stole some of their documents."

"And what were the documents about Broots?"

"Oh, mm... I don’t know exactly what they were about, but I know it has to do with The Centre."

"The FBI was investigating The Centre?" she asked astounded. "Keep searching Broots!" she added snapping her fingers on the man's face.

When he left the office, Sydney wished Miss Parker a happy birthday and then left as well, leaving Miss Parker alone, but for a very short time, because her phone rang. It was Jarod.

"Happy birthday, Miss Parker!"

"Thanks Wonder Boy. But this day will be everything less happy. I heard you have been 'hacking'..."

"Oh, that was the easier part of all."

"And you had to hack in their mainframe. You couldn’t just pretend you were one of them?"

"Not this time. By the way, check your computer later. I left you a little present."

And he hanged up like he usually does. This was something that really bothered her. The way he ended up a conversation was as annoying as the way she started one.

As he hanged up, Miss Parker was already in her computer searching for new mail. She had only one message: Jarod’s. She opened it and realized that it wasn’t just talk, it was a picture of her taken years ago with her parents. She remembered that day. It was the day she did 10 and she spent a really good time then. It was a glorious day.

She started to remember the place where the photo was taken. It was a beautiful garden, with a lake and flowers around it. Catherine, her mother, was still alive in that year, but it was the last one she spent with her. Everything was so different then. She was even happy. She remembered what was that her mother gave to her: a necklace, with an angel. Even today, she still had that necklace, however she didn't wear it anymore.

Then, a single tear ran through her eyes and her face, and she started to cry, thinking about her mother and also on Thomas, who was dead for more than a year now. Why was it that every time Jarod contacted her, she had to end up thinking on her mother and her lost ones, and, worse, crying. She hated to cry, to feel vulnerable.

But it was something she was used to do right now, specially after Thomas's death. She missed him very much. And there was also the fact that it was Brigitte who killed him. The whole story shocked her.

However she hadn't been capable to kill her like she swear she would. Her brother made that for her, but it still broke her heart to think that he was going to grow without the love of a mother, without love at all. She grew there and the only love she knew was her mother's and after she died was like she never existed. Miss Parker was afraid that the same thing could happen to little Andrew.


At the same time, Jarod was reading the files he stole from the Feds. They were about a search the FBI was doing about The Centre and its projects. They were pretty advanced for someone who virtually knows nothing about it. They had to have someone in the inside. Someone who was giving them information about projects even Miss Parker hasn’t idea of. It was time to find out who was the insider.

He already knew the Agent who was doing the investigation: it was Agent Samantha Waters. The one he met when working in a kidnapped children case. She had been replaced by Rachel Burke, not that Jarod didn't like the change, but Sam was different. He had to see her again and specially, to warn her. It wasn't safe for her to dig in The Centre's business. They would do anything to protect their agenda.


Miss Parker went to Mr. Parker’s office. Her father talked to her and told her to take this day off because they were going to spend the day together, as a family. But she didn’t want to. Not with the information she was about to get. So she began trying to explain her father that she was very close on getting Jarod and this wasn't a good time.

"Come on, Angel! I'm sure you can take a day off." With a smile(?) on his face.

If it was other day she would be pleased to hear that she could take a day off, but today...It just wasn't a good time, specially with all that was happening.

Meanwhile, Lyle enters the office and gives his sister a kiss and a hug, while handling a bouquet of white roses. Now, this was strange. She thanked him, of course, giving the people in the room one of her looks, that indicated she was giving in. But the bouquet had to go! straightly to the trash can, as always...

After a little chat about where the little family get together would be and despite Miss Parker's total disagreement, they decided to have lunch together in a nice restaurant near The Centre. They had to be close. We can never tell when the problems (meaning Jarod) could arrive.

Sydney and Miss Parker had agreed not to mention Jarod's little theft, since it would be kind of risky, so she didn't comment anything with her "family". That's what they were, after all.


Jarod had to focus on The Centre problem, but he couldn't. He had a new pretend to do and he had to help a little girl. Her name was Julia. She was living with her father since her mother left them years ago. But her father died and Jarod couldn't let the little girl being taken to an orphanage. If he found the mother, then he had other problem in hands: would she take Julia?

He managed to take the little girl's custody but only for a weekend. After that, the girl would be sent to the orphanage. He had to act quickly.

Julia was five years old. She had reddish hair and green eyes. She was also very smart for a child of her age. Although she didn't know Jarod at the time he arrived, she realized he was a good man and she gave in when he told her they were going to find her mom. 'Till they find Julia's mother, Jarod was going to pretend to be daddy again.

This kind of pretend touched him, because he too was searching for his mom and dad. He really wanted to find the girl’s mother. Jarod didn’t have much time to focus on The Centre but still he tried to dig as much as he could. And when he finished the pretend he would arrange a meeting between he and Samantha Waters.


At a restaurant, somewhere in Delaware, the Parker family was having lunch, which was interrupted by a phone call to Miss Parker. She steps up the table and answer the call. It was Broots.

"What?" she questions.

"It’s me, Broots."

"What do you want?"

"I-I reached the files Jarod stole from the FBI."


"It seems that someone is being paid to search what The Centre does. Since the kind of information we found here can only be known to someone who is in here."

"What more?

"Hum, I-I wasn’t able to find who he is yet, but I’m still searching."

"Well, try to find who this 'someone' is" And she hanged up, giving Broots something to keep his mind occupied for some time.

She got back to the table. When she was sitting, her father asked "Is something wrong, Angel?" as she answered, "No, everything’s just fine." She couldn’t stop thinking about who the insider could be. A list of people she knew began to appear. Could it be one of the sweepers? It had to be someone who had the courage to enter classified places or someone who could enter these places.

And what did they find? Broots hadn't told her. She had to go to The Centre and discover it. But this lunch seemed to never end.


Meanwhile, Jarod was in Seattle, where Julia’s mother was supposed to be. They went to her last address but find no one there. The place was empty. There were no signs of people living there. Not even clothes. They went to talk to the landlord who told them she left a few days ago. Unfortunately, he didn’t know where she might be, but told them where she works. This was a good start and he was running out of time.


Back at The Centre, to Miss Parker's office, to be precise, Broots was showing Miss Parker the files Jarod stole and saying "I found some pretty strange things here."

"Everything in The Centre is strange. What's new?"

"Well," he continued taking a deep breath "it talks about the Pretender Project and the children The Centre stole."

"So, it talks about Jarod."

"Yes. And you think the FBI can know who...who he is?"

"Maybe he couldn't pretend to be someone else because they already knew who he is." Miss Parker concluded.

Broots was all shacking. He was more nervous than ever.

"It’s time to find out who the insider is and see if he knows some secrets of my own." Miss Parker said as she pushed Broots outside the door.


It was almost dark. Jarod should find somewhere to spend the night. He found a little motel in the road.

After they had dinner, the girl fell into sleep almost immediately, leaving Jarod at ease to read the files again and again. He was also worried about who was the infiltrated agent. After all, if the FBI found more than it should, his parents would be missing forever. He might never found them at all. He was so close once, when he found his mother and sister, and in the moment he found them, he lost them. And also, this Agent could be in danger. This is The Centre we're talking about. If he wasn't careful, he would leave The Centre in a black plastic bag.

It was time to call Miss Parker and see if she found something. Sometimes she was further ahead than him, not often, but it had happened before. He knew she was the hunter, but he also loved to fool her around and helped her in search of her past, which was also very dark. Besides, with the full help of Broots they should be able to find the mole faster than him. He dialed the speed dial to Miss Parker's number.

"Hello, Miss Parker!"

"What do you want?"

"Found something interesting in the files?"

"Who is spying on us, Jarod?"

"I don’t know that yet, but I know who isn’t."


"Come on, you know! The powers that be! For instance, your father wouldn’t give FBI information about its hidden projects! And neither would Lyle. So that’s two less on the list. Also, Raines is dead and I really don't think he would give anything at this point."

"Thanks genius, but I had already figured that out. That would be too silly of them. I was hoping you could tell me something new."

"Give me and Broots some time and we will deliver you the mole. Don’t stop searching!" And he hanged up.

It was almost midnight, so she packed her things and went home. But before she could leave, she went to talk to Sydney. When she reached his office and entered, she found Sydney doing something with a file in his desk. And when he saw her, he put the file out of her reach in one of his drawers, so she couldn't place what the file was.

"Nervous, Syd?" she began.

"No. I just wasn't expecting you here, at his hour. Shouldn't you be at home? It's midnight." Sydney tried to escape the subject.

"I could ask the same thing to you Syd. Listen, about the files Jarod found, can you think of someone that could be an inside Agent?"

"No, I can't. I'm sorry Miss Parker. But whoever he is, is not letting his identity to be revealed that easy."

"And is also in very danger. If The Centre finds that something is going wrong and finds who is causing it, he would be a very dead man." Miss Parker stated as she left his office.

Sydney stood there reaching the file he was looking before she entered. Outside we could see the file was on Catherine Parker and inside there was a DSA, Sydney carefully placed in his pocket removing it from the case.


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