A Thank You to SLM & CVS

 I am very pleased to have received this request on Facebook, and am posting it here too for those who don't social network, and would like to be involved.

Here are the details: It has been really great getting to interact with everyone on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. within the Pretender “FANmily.” I think we all know that we’re so lucky to have such awesome creators/writers/producers in Steven Long Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle… I don’t know of any other production with a team that answers our questions, tweets us fun quotes (the Mr. Wiggles leopard print underwear thread, anyone??), and sends us hints and teasers for the upcoming Pretender reboot.

There is a 'sub level' project going on...


For information:


Twitter DM: @VirginiaBelle10

Please pass this along to the other Pretender fans and send your submission…the more we have, the better it will be! Thanks so much!! And bee shhh... keep it in the sublevels.

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