Back Online

We are up and running again, thanks for your patience. It was a server move, due to some previous hosting issues, and hopefully everything is working as it should. If there are any problems, you can let us know at by contacting us here.

Missing Pieces should be fully intact, but the rest of the site is still under construction and will be returning in bits and pieces as the work gets finished.


--jacci on 26/09/15 11:51 pm 5 Comments--


The other skins aren't there anymore? :(

- missparker87
on 19/11/15 01:28 pm

which one in particular did you want... the updates to the systems have made them very buggy and it is a lot of work to upgrade them... but if you want one specifically, can get to work on it after I get back from the trip

- jacci
on 21/12/15 07:48 pm

Hey Jacci! How are you? I had the one with MP in black and white... do you think it would be possible to get back? Thanks a lot!! Have a wonderful New Year! :)

- parkergirl101
on 30/12/15 04:31 pm

Hi jacci, sorry for being late in answering :)

I loved the black and blue one :)

- missparker87
on 08/02/16 02:56 pm

they are back but don't seem to to be working very well... will have to investigate and find out what is wrong.

- jacci
on 28/02/16 09:38 am