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Jarod gets a real tattoo.  Write about why or what makes him get a tattoo and what the tattoo he gets is.


No limitations on words.  Can be romance, drama, etc... 

Categories: None Characters: Jarod
Summary: with the two tv movies being released to dvd- YIPEEE!! - i would like too challenge all the Pretender fanfic writers to try and solve the mystery that is "the Pretender".  write a fic that answers the one question we've been walking around with for the last 4 years: What happend after "island of the haunted" ?
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: Another 10 word challenge for you. Use at least 3 of these words:
  1. Stranger
  2. Obsession
  3. Haunted
  4. I'll kill you
  5. Lonely/Loneliness
  6. Spite
  7. Action/Reaction
  8. Insult
  9. Red sun
  10. Burn/Burning/Burnt
The rules attached are simple:
  • Use at least three words
  • Write something with any length, in any rating
  • It must be some way related to at least two of these three characters: Miss Parker, Mr Lyle, Mr Cox. (if you can use all three, great!)
Off you go, get writing!

Categories: Challenges Characters:
Summary: Advertising the twitter Campaign. Write about possible Jarod's and Miss Parker's conversation on Twitter :-)
Categories: Alternate Universe Characters: Jarod, Miss Parker