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You got it, Miss Parker somehow finds herself in hell, sorry, the wonderland aka The Centre.. but something seems amiss? What is that, is that a rabbit? And who is it that is looking so feline and smiling at her? And what's this.. a tea party? You get the idea, now go tP-ify Alice in Wonderland ;)

Categories: Spoofs / Parodies Characters: Alex, All the characters, Angelo, Baby Parker, Brigitte, Broots, Catherine Parker, Cox, Debbie, Ethan, Jarod's Family, Jarod, Kyle, Lyle, Miss Parker, Mr Parker, Mr Raines, Original Character, Other Centre Character, Other Non-Centre Related Character, Sam, Sydney, Telling Would Spoil, The Clone, Thomas, Zoe
Summary: this is my first,so please be kind. ;-) any of you also missing good old Miss P getting a boytoy and then disposing it? Then here's your chance! Rating: waayyy over PG13 Should include "Warning:Sexual Content" Anybody remember that secretary of Miss P? ...Lauren or something like that? He appears somewhere in the beginning of season2. Quite a handsome black fellow. So my challenge: -a scene with sexual content including Lauren and his boss Miss Parker -can be a fantasy of his, daydreaming, or "reality" (e.g. quicky in the office) -a one piece story -timeline somewhere 2nd or 1st season -no love involved (romantic feelings however are ok) -must happen at the office -a kinda: "omg my boss is so hot I fantasize about her,but am waaay to afraid of her to approach her, but then she has an itch she needs to scratch and seduces him" - situation -no porno words such as c*** and c*** haha,or pu*** ...u get the idea I hope. It's supposed to be for adults but with style. ;-) -just her and her secretary in the sex scene (no third person involved) -can be a humour piece as well, but no drama or angst...basically hot stuff hmm...not sure if you need anything more...??
Categories: Challenges Characters: Miss Parker, Other Centre Character

- MP/J

- Catherine is alive

- no character death
Categories: None Characters: Catherine Parker, Jarod, Jarod's Family, Miss Parker