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Title: Chapter 4

The kids in this... omg you write kids like you're the best mom ever and a child shrink or something lol. They are real enough to see and hear. It's really gritty when MP tries to scare Jarod off, warn him away. The circumstances and pain have made her this way, a different kind of distrustful than before. Now it's her kids she's concerned about. Oooh. I just can't explain everything I love about your work.

Reviewer: Lisa Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 07/09/20 02:16 am
Title: Chapter 4

You excel at every aspect of writing, including children and children is where most authors lose me because most people think kids are just dumb.  You give them personalities that I fall in love with. I love their snark.

More tension. There was a lot of tension on the show and between Jaord and MP so yeah, makes sense and I love it.

This part where Parker tells on herself.

"Avery's a rather obstinate child, but polite and intelligent," said Jarod with an amicable smile. "She reminds me of you at that age. Eli reminds me of you, too," added Jarod tersely, his smile vanishing. "He's distrustful, guarded, suspicious of questions."

"It's not too late to walk away, Jarod, before this becomes complicated, and be remembered fondly as a family friend who came to dinner. Full disclosure: they aren't always this well-behaved. You don't have a monopoly on pretending, artfulness, acting charming."

Jarod gazed steadily and silently at Parker, absorbing her words with an inscrutable expression, detecting nuances of chicanery, deducing that the developing amicable rapport was feigned. Reestablishing credibility and communication, he realized, would be challenging. "What," she demanded in apparent perturbation, her eyes wide and fierce.

"You're trying to frighten me away."

and all of this too

"Someone else, you mean?" Jarod asked pointedly, dropping his voice to a hush, deliberately enunciating her name. "I'm sorry that I hurt you," he asserted, categorically accepting the responsibility evidently assigned to him, "for whatever my apology is worth."

Parker scoffed her incredulity. "I'm perfectly capable of saying precisely what I mean," she snarled at him. "For all the good it does," she added hotly. "That isn't my name."

"Nevertheless," Jarod said, maintaining a placid, soft tone, observing as Parker opened a drawer, shuffled its contents. "It would have hurt you a lot more had I stayed after Glasgow, after clarifying my feelings when, clearly, you didn't reciprocate."

"I'm not doing this," insisted Parker, slamming a cabinet closed.

"No," agreed Jarod, the passivity and softness in his voice bizarre if not incongruous, considering the implied audacity. "I am. Each time I considered returning, I remembered the tears in your voice, your eyes, and those words." Just forget. "I believed I was only capable of causing you pain and, apparently, I wasn't wrong."

"Heaven forbid," snarled Parker, bordering contentious.

Heaven forbid Jarod ever be wrong about anything. I get you. I love it.
You are magic. I'm under the spell definitely.
so eloquent, too

Reviewer: Jameason Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 19/08/20 04:33 am
Title: Chapter 4


Your stories are the best, after years without Pretender, your stories are a blessing and you're always there(with new stories) when I am back on the website.

Thank you !

Reviewer: Preity Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 04/05/18 07:24 pm
Title: Chapter 4

Oh Wowz. I need more of this in my life like now. You're freaking amazing. More please?

Reviewer: Chloe Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 02/05/18 08:12 pm
Title: Chapter 4

Yep. Faye IS a bitch. I love your original characters as they are so true and real to life. "someone else you mean."


"I'm perfectly capable of saying precisely what I mean." She ain't having none of his mansplaining. Love it. But it's so good between them when he takes it down a notch and comes to her with heartfelt concern. I love the conclusion. Love it so much Mirage. More please?!!!

Reviewer: Archange Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 01/05/18 01:19 am
Title: Chapter 4

Oh Mirage it's so lovely to have you back and a hell of a ride this one is already. I was reading along thinking Jarod was dead and then It's so like you to kill Jarod and so I was convinced he was a goner lol. He has a way doesn't he because at the end of chapter 4 he's saying "don't do this for me, do it for Eli" and that is classic Jarod. You know him well. Even if you don't like him well. He can be creepy sometimes.. I recall another of your wonderful novels where you described his conversation with Miss Parker and how she was feeling while he interrogated her and it was something like "intensines churning" and then "or a cloth being wrung out" like twisting at the ends or something anyway yeah I felt aLOT like Miss Parker when I watched some of the Pretender episodes.. he can be cringey. Risque Business was one of them.. that whole conversation with Blass and Jarod can be just...weird. You capture that perfectly. Pretender perfectly. Don't stop. I love your writing.

Reviewer: Jameason Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 30/04/18 08:17 pm
Title: Chapter 4

Oh Jarod getting called out on his charm and pretending skills. Hell yas Miss Parker. I love this. Damn you always make her realistically strong like she was on my dvds and damn straight she'll be all like 'no fucking way am I having a baby conceived by coercion like mom..even if it is jesus the chosen one's' Way to go Mirage. THe ending here... he always seems to eventually find a way to reason with her.. .she tacitly agrees and doesn't go out and seems to see that he's not so beyond reason himself. I love it. You write them perfectly. More soon. 

Reviewer: The Miss Parker Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 28/04/18 02:44 am
Title: Chapter 4

Didn't expect an update so soon my God Mirage you write quickly and don't lose quality. Nice flow.. oh, god there's nothing I can say here. After that chapter I can hardly think. It's amazing and I just want more. Always gracious to you for keeping these characters and the heart and soul of this show alive. It shakes me.

Reviewer: Christoph Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 27/04/18 09:26 pm
Title: Chapter 4

Oh! Those children are spot on. I love your original characters except Greg who must be an asshole for cheating on Parker. What an idiot! Why do ugly men cheat on gorgeous women? It happens to famous actresses all the time. Jarod and Miss Parker are exactly as they were on tv when I was younger and I love that. So much nostalgia when I read you. Thank you for this.

Reviewer: Renee Collins Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 26/04/18 08:19 pm
Title: Chapter 4

Uh huh yes more. So much to love here. "Faye is a bitch." Lol. How could Parker disagree with that wisdom? Out of the mouth of babes. It's true. Not many people write the children dymanic so well but you do it brilliantly. The interaction between Avery and Jarod... oh, heartwarming but not cheesy. It's a vivid scene and as much as you don't LOVE Jarod you always do right by him and you have to admit it, he's great with kids. He probably still identifies with them. Your Muses seem to know it. The flowers. Wild ones. So nice. I googled some names of flowers and thought... ahhh Mirage you have a nice eye for nature. Jarod's "does anyone own a cat" was funny, so true there. Cats own people not the other way around lol. Love it.

He was respectful of Eli as the current man of the house and waited for permission which again... such a Jarod thing to do. He doesn't do the same with Parker or adults in general much but with kids he treads carefully and I love that about him and about you for understanding Jarod so well. 

Good of Jarod to call Parker on her attempts to manipulate, "you don't have a monopoly on " wow. We know that pain and maybe fear of losing Jarod a second time is the root of her deceit... in chapter 1 or 2 there was mention that she'd survived without Jarod and built a life and she didn't think she could do it a second time. I think Jarod doesn't know the extent of damage or that's my understanding so far.

Now this honey, "You and I... we'll always be unfinished business" holy wowz Mirage. But again he's forward and candid. Painful honesty.

The ending we see him asking her not to think about his rights... he knows that she thinks he has no right even though legally he consider Eli's rights.  That's Soooooo freaking like Jarod. I'd love to buy your novel. It's the only novel I'd buy. You're brilliant. Underrated talent. I hope you are writing somewhere for money. I feel guilty that this is free. The quality is superb. More please?

Reviewer: TheDarkAngel Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 26/04/18 07:13 pm
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