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Title: Chapter 3

Gotta say that my favorite part of how you write Miss Parker is how she doesn't flinch at all from anything. She interrupted Jarod quickly and just told him she'd had an abortion with no shame and omg I love that. Women have been having abortions because of men's crimes since the beginning of woman so yeah fuck everyone who has a problem with it. It's almost like MP wanted to piss Jarod off or upset him but I love Jarod for this he didn't condemn her. Perfect. Your no taboo no shame approach is fucking awesome.

Reviewer: Lisa Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 07/09/20 02:14 am
Title: Chapter 3

OH. MY. GOD!!! Eli is .... oh my god!!


How am I supposed to be able to think now?

The tension is palpable.

"Parker reeled back in surprise and asked in a low, throaty voice, "What else did Angelo tell you?"

"A hell of lot more than you're telling me," returned Jarod fiercely. "Answer the question."

and Parker wants to kill the tension, will do anything to stop the tension

"This conversation is over."

Jarod offered her a sympathetic smile. "I know you want it to be over. I know you do," he said softly, his brow creasing. "Don't," implored Jarod when Parker's lips parted, shaking his head. "Don't beg me to leave. I don't want to be the villain, compared or conflated with Lyle. I don't want to coerce you to do anything."

He's so understanding but he's still so much an asshole for leaving but he had to leave but oh...  you know what you're doing. You do it expertly. Ive never been so unable to walk away from a novel/book/story. I can't put this down.

Reviewer: Jameason Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 19/08/20 04:28 am
Title: Chapter 3

Oh my God. Mirage. Jarod just spits those words out doesn't he? He always did call it like it is. That's a good thing. I'm glad there's another chapter. I'm devastated that there's only ONE other chapter. Please update soon.

Reviewer: Archange Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 01/05/18 01:02 am
Title: Chapter 3

I'm a diehard pretender fan and long time shipper for Jarod and Miss Parker and I'm in love with how you write them.  Please don't stop. I love all of your works. They are so freaking amazing. I love the way Jarod came back like the wrecking ball his and tore her life to pieces and then tells her it isn't complicated and shifts her focus away from all the stressful things. He has a way of changing thoughts in so few words. You write exceptionally amazing Mirage and somewhere bring the characters alive. Feels like I'm watching an episode of the Pretender...but it's even better. You don't tag us along and have empty plots or time wasters like 'cold dick' thank GOD. Every word you write moves the story along. You really know what you're doing. I felt I needed to say something. It means a lot that The Pretender lives on and you're staying true to the original story. Thank you. Keep going please.

Author's Response:

Thank you, Marcy, for reading and reviewing.

Reviewer: Marcy Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 14/04/18 07:23 pm
Title: Chapter 3

It keeps getting better and better Mirage. Oh, I love it. More please? I wish you were writing the novels but I'm also glad you aren't because you are free to do as you wish and have complete creative control. You do it better m'dear.

Author's Response:

I've been told I shouldn't argue or disagree with reviewers who write nice things and that I should simply reply with a thank you.

Thank you, Christoph.

Reviewer: Christoph Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 13/04/18 03:16 am
Title: Chapter 3

Ahhhh in flagrante delitico.... that's always fun. Thanks for making my namesaske strong and not weak. She stood right up and isn't ashamed of her medical decisions. I've always admired her gumption and going through with forced gestation didn't turn out well for Catherine at all did it. You modernize things as it should be and bring the old show out of the dark ages. Sure the men can do horrible things but no one has to suffer the long term consequences anymore. You show her heart when she tells Jarod that no one forced her to love Eli and Avery. Brilliant Mirage. I can't wait for more. I'm glad there's another story I get to visit now. You're doing great keeping things updated. Love it.

Author's Response:

You're correct. It sure as hell didn't turn out well for Catherine. Not. At. All.

More was just posted. Thanks for reading and reviewing, The Miss Parker.

Reviewer: The Miss Parker Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 12/04/18 01:20 am
Title: Chapter 3

"her words slamming together.." oh my heart Mirage. I can see MP just trying to chill now after all that hell and turned herself into a mom and doing family stuff and trying to live and here comes Jarod like a damn tornado tearing up her life. We saw her put her face in her hands after almost kissing him at Ocee's so we know this vulnerability and sheer freak-out-by-Jarod-ness exists so yeah, that's not just plausible that's canon. She's all bad ass but Jarod can break her down like no one else ever could. He's got the wrecking ball you know? You know. Obviously you know and I love you for staying true. You probably wanted to have Miss Parker take a kitchen knife to him but you did right. Thank you. I love you for this.

Author's Response:

"Freak-out-by-Jarod-ness?" <---I don't know what sort of hideous malady that is, but I hope to God I don't ever contract it. I think I have an immunity to being freaked out by Jarod. *fingers crossed*

I don't need to know everything. I don't need to know about the wrecking ball. I don't want to understand. I only know how Parker (and every other woman who isn't me) reacts to Jarod the wrecking ball. She believed he was dead and now he's not and I imagine that would be jarring (at least?) even to our lady of asbestos. And no I didn't want Miss Parker to stab Jarod. What kind of horrible earthling do you think I am?

Thank you for reading and the lovely review, Renee.

Reviewer: Renee Collins Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 11/04/18 02:06 am
Title: Chapter 3

Impressive as always Mirage. You often in your writing reveal dichotomies and again you've done it. Parker driving an SUV and Parker shopping with recycled shopping bags with Respect Mother Earth on them.

Parker mourning Jarod's death but in life can't even look at him knowing he's the father of her child. Loving him in death, loathing him in life.

In chapter three you went further and answered the ages old 'are you really pro-life' riddle in such a way that can be applied to real life. "The building is on fire and you save a toddler or you can save a box of embryos. What do you do?" Parker could only save the actual children, the ones who had been born and taken the breath of life. Staying pregnant under those conditions would have been a psychological burden, plus the morning sickness slowed her down, almost getting her and the children [who were considered alive, given a birth certificate, etc.] captured by the Triumvirate. She couldn't save both the embryo/fetus inside her AND the children who were living and depended upon her. Fantastic.

I do love Jarod's reaction to her reaction, his calm demeanor. Well thought out and beautifully written. It's always a pleasure. Until next time..

Author's Response:

In Parker's defense, it's her husband's SUV (it could be a hybrid?) and--- I confess: I didn't put all that much thought or time into this and wasn't aware at all that I'd even broached an ages old riddle, let alone answered it. I concur, of course, with your logic. It shouldn't even be a question.

Thank you for reading and reviewing.

Reviewer: Michael Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 10/04/18 06:42 pm
Title: Chapter 3

Awesome. Perfectly written and beautiful so far even if painful at times. You really KNOW these characters and you know what to do with them and flesh them out so well, bring them to life. Amazing writing Mirage. I do appreciate how quickly you're writing too and know that can't be easy. A new favorite, easily an all star rating. Wish I could give you MORE. Congrats. 

Reviewer: Gunner Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 10/04/18 05:49 pm
Title: Chapter 3

Thank you! Oh, God. I love that Parker took matters into her own hand regarding her health and choices and that Jarod called it like it is when it came down to what Lyle did to her. Parker is too defiant to let someone else decide whether she remains preggers or not.

Jarod always did keep it real and you may not love the guy but you're true to his character. You keep it real too.

Tight story and top notch too. You write vividly..sometimes that's scary. Her reaction to the news..I felt like I was there the whole time and damn it hurt me.

A most profound line... "Jarod tore open her scars... he should have anticipated blood"

More please?

Reviewer: TheDarkAngel Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 10/04/18 03:32 pm
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