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Title: Chapter 22: Zane's Harangue

Yes, of course, we like the story. It's good to see the pair engage in playful banter. I'd even say that they were flirting. Mhm, they were. Agent Zane tied loose ends up rather nicely I think. Again, I enjoyed Jarod's concern for his pregnant huntress. Well done, Miss Parker.

Author's Response:
I guess everything you said may be read here: 
“Your story was prepared in detail, Parker…we’ll teach you well before your deposition…I didn’t want the trial to spoil your pregnancy…”
“Since when do you worry about your huntress, boy genius?”
“I’ve always made this mistake, Miss Parker…”
Zane didn’t understand that banter, but when she saw them both smiling and sharing a tender gaze of affection, she realized they were joking on the basis of classic skirmished between lovers.
I loved to think about Zane as an intelligent woman, she let Jarod go at the end of tP 2001, so she is a good person. And yes. Mp and J were totally flirting ;) even after all they've been through I guess they would keep their attitude towards each other and would continue their strange expressions of the game that we all love! So to me they are TOGETHER but still having fun like in the past!
Once again thank you so much for your review!

Reviewer: Mirage Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/09/13 08:59 pm
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