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Title: Chapter 21: Wake up

Lovely, MissParker. I'm still reading and very much enjoying. You know, this chapter wasn't sappy at all. It was perfect. They are so cute together and obviously have feelings for each other. Yes, together. Jarod's concern for her and the baby is sweet. He is just absolutely like-able when you write him.


Author's Response:

Mirage, your revies are so much appreciated... Well I know for a non-shipper this chapter might be too emotional, but I guess Parker's would be the only voice that would wake Jarod up. And you know how sweet he is, he always thinks about other people before than himself, so I guess the first things he would ask about would be Parker and the babies' condition... I love to see him as the sweet generous Pretender we all love...:)

Reviewer: Mirage Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/09/13 08:48 pm
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