The official website of creators Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle is now online at ThePretenderLives.com

The website was launched last Thursday, the 19th, and it has all kinds of Pretender stuff for your enjoyment. You can read the creators bios, find more about the novels and the graphic novels, buy official merchandise from The Pretender and read about funny aspects from the tv show.

This website is truly the beginning of the Centre Universe. Go check it out! Shh, there's a preview chapter of book one Rebirth in there.




Book#1 Rebirth Released 7th October

Mark your calendars people because we have a date!

Rebirth, the first novel from creators Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle, that it's going to be the first in a series of books and graphic novels being release to carry on with the Pretender universe, is going to be released October 7th.

The announcement last Thursday was a success. There were so many fans that we crashed the live connection several times! The live videos can be seen here and a full version of the video with never before seen footage should be released soon.




Introducing Centre Annexes

The Centre Annexes, while controlled and operated as individual entities, they all answer to the Centre, and ultimately to the Triumvirate. Each Annex serves the PTB's in their own way, and most of their work is shrouded in secrecy and will never be fully known.

Here is a list of some of the known Centre Annexes. Their stated purposes may be a cover for more nefarious plots and schemes. Enter them at your own risk. Divulge nothing of what you learn or you may be placed under a Schedule 7 and ghosted.

Centre Annex Down Under | www.pretendercentre.com
Location: Sydney, Australia

Centre Annex Portugal | www.refuge.pretendercentre.com
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Centre Annex Safe House | www.jarodsafehouse.com
Location: Georgia, USA

Centre Annex France | le-cameleon.hypnoweb.net
Location: France

Centre Annex Cologne | pretender.jamesdenton.de
Location: Cologne, Germany

Centre Annex Frogtown | phq.pretendercentre.com
Location: California

Centre Annex Moscow | thecentre.rarod.ru
Location: Russia

Centre Annex Wiki | pretender.wikia.com
Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Centre Annex Western Australia | rubytrinity.com
Location: Perth, Australia

All of the annexes are tied together in more ways than one. One of this way is a privileged line of communication called "Shout box" shared by all annexes, all live, and all transmitting the same messages. You can find ours standing at your right. Feel free to use it, just be civil towards each other :)



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After 12 years since we last saw these characters, The Pretender is reborn and brought to the present with a renewed strength and tenacity. Follow Jarod's quest for the truth and for the secret to his very existence, as he discovers the...


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