Things we've learned 19th September

Things we've learned from the live announcement and chat last Thursday:

- Rebirth started being written last Christmas, but the creators have been thinking about that for a few years
- Rebirth isn't set before most of the series
- working on translating Rebirth for other languages
- audiobook is being talked about
- Rebirth will have 300 pages - 70.000 words
- price is not set yet - Amazon is working on that
- there could be a new chat on release date - to be confirmed
- Rebirth will be available in physical bookstores eventually
- Rebirth touches on a teen Jarod
- Rebirth to be release October 7th
- there's a steamy scene in the 1st book

Saving Luke
- "Saving Luke", the second novel is about 3 weeks past due for being completed and will be released before Christmas or early in the New Year.
- Luke is integral in the 1st two books
- Jarod could be having sex in book 2

Graphic Novels - The Pretender - Centre Chronicles
- written by Jenna Busch and with cover artwork by Jeffrey Henderson
- graphic novels will be about the origins of the Centre
- Comikaze, Los Angeles, 1-3 November, where a 6 page promo of the new graphic novels will be handed out - the graphic novels will have 6 issues, 22 pages each

Miss Parker
- the time between Miss Parker's mother's death and her being recalled to hunt Jarod will be explored in the Centre Universe books
- Miss Parker's first name will probably be the last word of the last book - could be one word, or more than one
- there will be a novel about Miss Parker's early years

- Jarod will be tortured, again, in the novels
- Jarod will find about serial killers
- Jarod's birthday will be addressed in the novels

Centre Universe
- the creators had to think through on how to approach it so that all the old fans would be happy and the news fans would be satisfied
- 6 Pretender related novels/graphic novels per year
- we will find out how Miss Parker and Jarod's mom met in the novels that deal with Miss Parker as a young woman
- could we have a female Pretender?
- the Pretender will always be the centre of the Centre Universe
- there will be more death soon
- there will be spin offs
- there's going to be a novel called Patterns or Behaviours written by a friend of Steven and Craig, who is part of the Pretender family as well, where Jarod runs into someone he knew
- there's going to be another novel called Paradise
- there's a cookbook, with handwritten notes by Catherine Parker




Still the live announcement

The live announcement has been finally transcripted, thanks to the help of my friends J, M and E. You guys are great!

You can find the full transcript here: Live Announcement Transcript.





Operation Red File was a success.

Time for a new mission now as we get ready for Rebirth.

There is something I thought we could do to help with its launch, to show some more appreciation to the creators and that I was trying to put into motion. But for that, I'm really really going to need all your help - and all the fan base and beyond. This is going to be the first Pretender book novel. There will be more books and graphic novels too, but, I mean, this has be to a success from day 1 to show Steve and Craig how much we love them and how much we love that they are loyal to the fans and are actually doing this all for us. So I thought we could somehow raise a movement to get all the fans to buy the book on the day it's released to get it to the top of Amazon's book list and maybe raise some more attention to the Pretender coming back. But for that I'm going to need your help, because I can't do it all on my own and I know what we're capable of (ever since 1999 and 2000!).

How are we going to do that, you ask?

Well, for starters, I tried to put word out there on the shout box and Twitter that “the Pretender army” (the fans of the Pretender) are there for the creators. The Pretender Army seemed to be catchy - think of it as Dumbledore's army on Harry Potter :)

And we needed a name to our special mission and that is… #MissionRebirth

Our Mission as fans, if you'd be so kind as to join me in this crazy adventure, will be to get Rebirth on the best sellers list of new launched books on Amazon on day 1. That’s our goal. To get every single fan to buy it right there and then on October 7th.

What do you say, do we have an "army"?

If you can help, be sure to pass on the messages on your websites, twitters, facebooks, forums and anywhere you can come up with because we have only 2 weeks to get this baby to where it belongs and that’s high up!



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