ThePretenderLives.com: preview of Saving Luke

In case you missed it, there's a new layout for ThePretenderLives.com and to launch it, the Pretender creators have published a preview of Saving Luke!

You need to hurry, because it will be offllne again when today ends and it's password protected too. (Hint: It was a password shared during the Xmas Calendar in December).

Read the 1st chapter of Saving Luke here: http://www.thepretenderlives.com/saving-luke-read-free-chapter/




by Cosmin @ 23 Oct 2015 04:50 pm
, is no worse than that of any "mainstream" British politician), I stognrly disagree that the British monarchy is therefore no good. Symbols matter, and the Left understand this, or they would not fulminate so furiously against the monarchy.Prince Charles is certainly not a Muslim; he is a rather pluralistic Anglican, also enthusiastic about Eastern Orthodoxy, who seems to believe that Islam offers its adherents a certain vigor, integrity, and spirituality that mainstream Western Christianity is lost. Unfortunately, he has a point about that, though Islam is not the solution! Otherwise, Prince Charles's idea about architecture, farming, hunting, conservation, etc. are all quite commendable from a traditionalist point of view.I do agree, however, that a potential French monarch would need to offer or at least represent a clear alternative to the policies of the Republic. However, it could perhaps work to have a constitutional monarch allied to a patriotic prime minister who would do the lion's share of the "dirty work" of cracking down on Islamization, etc..I know very little about the political views of either "Henri VII" or "Louis XX."


by Misha @ 24 Mar 2015 07:17 pm
Feb11 Cave Story is an interesting amainl. It doesn't quite carry the Metroid-Vania style, but it definitely has a twist of it. Cave Story to me was more of a tribute to NES greatness than any specific style. It bit everything, even the bits. Cave Story is on my list for Game-Aware but it seems to be gaining so much popularity I'll have to wait until next year!

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