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Real name: Genius & Chutspah

Member Since: 20/12/22

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INVITE to join friends & I at free Zoom gatherings, where we do Pretender- themed cocreated activities, + new kinds of LARPs! Challenging, thought provoking, transformative, deep connecting, + whimsical Wackyness πŸ€ͺπŸ˜ƒ



Looking to share more lifelong friendships w/other over-the-top imaginative, wacky, outside-the-box, altruist peers.

Should I host a holiday gathering for Pretender-lovers?  ...Are there enough people still interacting w/this site & the annexes?

Cheers! (not sure how this site works: Don't email me( I don't read email), --post here in response to this, or msg me here (if either is possible on this site).

Affiliation: Pretender

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