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Author: I write a little bit of everything really. Some angst, some comedy, some neither. Basically what I'm in the mood for. I haven't written all that much lately, but I do have a couple of stories planned...

Beta: I also do a bit of beta work and find it thoroughly enjoyable. So if you need a beta, just give me a poke and I'll see what I can do. (Strong points: characterization, plotting, rewording etc. Weaker points: grammar and other rule bound things. )

Reviewer: I try to review everything I read, because I really do believe communication is what makes this fandom not just shrivel up and die. Feedback is especially important in a fandom as small as ours. Not only is it important to encourage the authors, and one review really makes a lot of difference. As an extra boost for all you budding reviewers here, since it is such a small fandom you have a real chance of influencing the future plot of the story by making suggestions of what you'd like see happen (or if it's an already completed story: The writer's next story).

But it is a two way street. Like a reader has a responsibility to write a review, the author has a responsibility to reply.) If you don't, how is the reviewer supposed to know someone appreciate it, or even read it?

Reader: I will read (and enjoy) pretty much everything. From angst to comedy to all that is in between. I don't care who (or what, this is the Pretender after all...) you ship, if you're a fan of happy endings or not. If it's Pretender, I would probably love to read it, if I haven't already.


And no, I'm never brief .

Beta-reader: Yes
Affiliation: Pretender

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Favorite Authors
1. Elliott Silver

Incredible pieces of writing. A mature and unusual way of approaching tP fanfic. Few authors have the same ability to describe moods and settings.

2. Serendipitous Cake
Author of beautiful, but short, one character pieces. Borderline poetry at times, in a good way.