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Bio: First, I'll start off by saying that I am not Schuyler, and I did not write or edit in any way anything seen here. I am merely the deticator. All the stories, poems, works, ext. posted are copywrited by Schuyler, and are being presented without her permission; the reason being this: As some of you may know, Schuyler is no longer with us. According to an annonymous post by one of her friends as a review on FanFiction.Net, Schuyler passed away several years ago. Shortly thereafter, someone removed all of her works from FFN (and I'm assuming it was the moderators). However, I and others belive strongly that Schuyler was and still is one of the best writers you will ever find, and we firmly believe that her stories should be shared with everyone.

If anyone has a problem or a comment or anything of the sort, feel free to contact me (Catherine) here. The above contact email will go to an inbox of over 3000 unread messages and will most likely never be seen.

Schuyler's Bio from FFN: (I cannot be articulate about my own toxic life.)

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