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I have a new website: 24's Pretender Fan Fiction

If you want to read about me then check my website and click on the link called About me.

I know that it's been a long time since I've updated my profile. I don't think I'll be updating my website anymore, so all updates about me will be here. I have just been informed from a second opinion on my mouth biopsy that I have mouth cancer. Because of the disease that I have you get mouth cancers and other cancers too. The cancer is on my gum and will have surgery to remove it in a couple of weeks. I have to go in to the Doctors to see what is going to happen and then after that to an Anesthesiologist. Will have to have a platelet transfusion and probably a blood transfusion the day before because I don't have a lot of platelets and it will lead to lots of bleeding if I don't have a platelet transfusion.

This coming week I will be going to the ENT Doctor and that's when he will tell us what's going to be happening. Then after that I will be going to the Anesthesiologist. Then the next week I will have my surgery. The ENT Doctor is still not sure if they are going to take my two back teeth out and cut the gum under the teeth, or if they will leave them in.

There has been an update on my site. I have one new story on the series page and there is an update on me (this is a link). The update on me is under the Update on the stories.

Update: December 12th: They took out three teeth and cut to the bone of my gum. They put in a skin graft to go over the bone and then put in a bolster. It kind of hurt after a while because it was sewn(stitches) to the bottom of my tongue and to the other side. A few weeks after that he told me that I would have to go back into surgery because they didn't get all of the cancer. Did you know that cancer can be in teeth? I didn't know that cancer could also be in teeth, but was told that when we saw my Doctor again when he told us I had to have another surgery. This time they had to take another tooth out too. This one was a better surgery because it didn't hurt as much as the other one too. After all that and it was better I went to go to have my teeth cleaned and then had to have a wire in the back of my teeth because the front three teeth were loose.

Update: December: 21st. I had a call a couple of weeks ago saying that my bones were getting more thin. They had to do a recast, or reclast. Since they do this through IV they next time I had a transfusion they would do the recast which they did last Friday. It only took 15 minutes which was shorter than the transfusion. It will last 12 months. 

As of 1/18/2006 there is a new update on me. The link is still under the update on the stories. For those of you that haven't read about me there is a link that says About me on the bottom of the page.

March 23: There is a new update on my site.

May 16th: There is another update on me on my site.

May 23rd. Another update on me on my site. Go ahead and read it.

June 26th. Update on my site. Sorry it took so long to update. Go ahead and read it.

July 6th - Another Update on my site.

October 11th - Update on my site.

March 14th. - Another update on me. As I said on it, it will probably be the last update because nothing has changed. If it does I will update.

March 2nd, 2008. There is an update. There is a little change, so if you want to know what it is go ahead and check it out. It's in the update section.



Season 1 DVD 31.99

Season2 DVD 29.99

Season 3 DVD 29.99

Season 4 DVD 25.76

Watching The Pretender whenever you want to: Priceless.

There's somethings that money can't buy. For everything else there's Mastercard.

Just had to write one of these for The Pretender.




I have made some pretender fan videos. Here is the link to them.

24s Pretender Fan Videos


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