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Just a fan of The Pretender who has recently started fooling around with fan fics when I am bored.

Fav. characters on the show:  Kyle.  I firmly believe TP could have done so much with him.  Loved how he was conflicted and complex.  Jarod's probably by second fav. followed by Broots.

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Challenges by Starbits7

Yeah...not good at titles...

The challenge is to write a fic with Kyle as the main character with all these things in mind:

1.  Kyle doesn't get killed.
2.  Kyle isn't a complete psycho.  He has some redeeming qualities.
3.  There's a scene of some sort with a brotherly moment between him and Jarod.
4.  A scene showing how out of touch with people Kyle is.
5.  A flashback of some sort revealing how Kyle grew up - that's different in some way to how Sydney raised Jarod.

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