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DISCLAIMER:- in part 1

AUTHOR'S NOTE:- This part does not really have much of a story line, it does a little, like things do happen but I was mainly just having fun writing it. It's not really a serious story though. Also I am terrified of spiders, they freak me out, I wouldn't go so far as to say I have aracnaphobia (sorry can't spell that word), but I do find them awfully scary.

by Krystal McDermott

Great, I have to share a room with a tired and hungry Ice Queen. She'll probably shoot me in the middle of the night just so as she can cook me up and eat me. Eww.

We go off into our separate rooms. I'm a little bit hesitant in following Miss Parker into ours.

"I know she can be scary at times, but she won't bite, she's not Lyle" Broots says reassuringly.

Easy for you to say, you're not the one trapped in a room with her. For once in my life I'm glad I suffer from insomnia.

I plonk myself down onto the bed next to the window. It's only twelve at night or in the morning, whatever you want to call it, they can't possibly expect me to get to sleep yet, especially considering I had an hours sleep in the car. What's on TV now? I pick up the remote and start flicking through the channels. Hmm Hyperion Bay, Talking Footy, Cart World Series Miami USA, Twins of Evil or Alchemy 2000. Oh how very exciting. Maybe I will be able to get some sleep after all. I should get changed, I've been in my school uniform all day. No wait, I don't have anything to change into, I was just ushered into the car with no time to pack. Damn it. I wonder if.........? No she wouldn't, well maybe she would. Hmm I can feel a sly grin spreading across my face.

"Oh Miss Parker" I call sweetly

"What" she grunts back at me.

"Well it's just that in all the confusion this afternoon, I had no time to pack anything, what am supposed to wear?"

She turns to look at me, glaring at me for a while. Uh oh maybe this wasn't such a good idea. But then slowly her expression changes, a mischievous smile spreads across her face.

"It is the Centre's fault that we are all here, and Lyle did ruin my favourite pair of Guchi shoes and we can't have you running around in your school uniform, it would attract too much unwanted attention now wouldn't it?" she says slyly

I nod slowly, perhaps my luck is changing.

"Well there's only one solution" states Miss Parker "We'll just have to go shopping"

A huge, silly, grin spreads across my face. Well now I know how to cheer Miss P up, mention a shopping spree. Shopping with Miss Parker, shopping with an unlimited supply of money. It's like my dream come true. Now I'll need more formal clothes so as I fit in with Miss Parker, Jarod, Sydney and Bro.......No not Broots. So that means I'll also need new shoes, a new bag or ten, a new watch, some new go with the clothes, new make up, oh a new hair style and what the hey lets just get new everything. Oh this is so cool. Well now I'm just too excited to sleep. Hmm I hope they have some decent shops in Rockhampton. They'd have to. It's a big place, miles from anywhere. They'd definitely have some decent stores. I wonder if I could get my nails done. I've never had a manicure before, it looks like fun. There's a knock at the door. Damn just when I was starting to enjoy myself.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything" Sydney says apologetically as he walks through the door, joining our two rooms.

No just another one of my day dreams. Hmm I wonder if Sydney would come shopping too. Oh and Jarod, I certainly wouldn't mind helping him try on clothes. No Krystal get your mind out of the gutter.

"What do you want Syd?" Miss Parker asks.

Sydney motions for her to join him outside for a moment. I wonder what they're up to. I sit watching the TV, with an 'I'm so totally enthralled by this show' look on my face, while they walk outside together and gently close the door behind them. Then I spring off the bed and race to the window, parting the curtains ever so slightly. They're whispering something, damn I can't hear what they're saying, maybe if I just open the window slightly.......oh shit she heard me. Run! I race over and jump on the bed, staring at the TV as though I'm completely fascinated.

"Eavesdropping were we?" her voice is in that high tone of hers which I know means I'm in trouble. Don't panic, just pretend this show is so interesting that you didn't hear her. Yes very interesting, oh I see she's married to that guy but she's having an affair with this guy, hmm.

"Oh don't give me that, you can't honestly tell me that you find Hyperion Bay fascinating. Not unless you're related to Broots."

Damn! Why are there no decent shows on at twelve at night? Should I fess up. No don't be stupid, lie, lie your way out.

"Umm no I wasn't eves dropping there was, you see there was this mosquito in the room and it was buzzing around the window so I thought that I would shoo it out, cause otherwise, you know it could bite us in the night" I plaster an innocent look on my face. She doesn't buy it. Well who could blame her, letting out a mosquito, yeah good one Krystal. She doesn't say anything though. Thank God! Instead she just looks me directly in the eye and then goes into the bathroom to have a shower.

It's like hours later, she returns. Well not really hours, but it sure felt like hours. I head towards the bathroom.

"Oh if you're going to have a shower, I'm afraid I used up all the hot water" Miss Parker says in a tone that's far from apologetic.


"Yeah sorry, tough day"

Tough day, tough day! Oh that.......ahhh. What about my tough day? I've been injured, kidnapped, had my family disappear, another part of my family reappear, there's been talk of cloning and ahhh she's so ahhh. Ok just take a deep breathe, breathe in................and breathe out. Nice and calm.

She walks over to her suit case and pulls out a picture in a silver frame. I recognise that silver frame, it's the photo of her mother and her as a baby she keeps in her office. Should I say something? No, nows not the right time?

"Good night Krystal" for once the icy tone has completely vanished.

"Good night" I whisper. Like I'm ever going to sleep, and without my warm shower grr.

"Oh Krystal, turn the light out." she demands rather than asks. So much for saying please. "And go to sleep"

"I don't sleep, I can't sleep, I suffer from insomnia" I tell her as I go to turn the light out. Hang on, if I turn the light out it will be dark, like totally dark and if it's totally dark how am I supposed to see if Lyle is coming? I know he's supposed to be in Melbourne, but if he were find out where we were and catch a plane he would be here in a few hours and then what? Oh great now I'm never going to sleep. Why do I have to be so paranoid? I wish I didn't think so much.

"Here take a couple of these, knock yourself out" Miss Parker says as she chucks me some pills. Hmm should I take them? These pills are like Centre pills for all I know they could put me in a coma or worse they could........No don't think of that just take them, one gulp and they'll be gone or you'll be gone either way you'll get some sleep. Miss Parker is watching me I quickly down the pills and lie back down on my bed.

"Krystal, Light!" she snaps.

I go to turn it out but I hesitate. Mmm dark, Lyle, Lyle, psycho mmm.

"Oh don't tell me you're scared?" she mocks

"No!" I snap back "It's just that Lyle is well his kinda psychotic and he's here in Australia and it's just freaky" I rush out.

Her hard expression softens slightly. Thank God maybe she understands. She's gotta admit Lyle is a little strange.

"Don't worry about Lyle, I'm a light sleeper, if he comes in here which I very much doubt he's smart enough to figure out where we are, but if by some miracle he does, I'll shoot off his other thumb, no make that his entire hand, just to be on the safe side, OK"

I think about her proposal for a moment and then I turn off the light. I'm not sure exactly how smart that is, cause I know Miss Parker is definitely anything but a light sleeper, I've seen it on TV, but she's very convincing, so I turn it off.

Wow those pills really work! I've taken sleeping pills before but, whoa they were nothing like those ones. What time is it? Oh it's only 3 in the morning, those pills can't of been as good as I thought. What's that noise?

"No! No Mamma please Nooooo!"

Miss Parker? What do I do? Should I like help her or should I just pretend to be asleep? I don't really know her all that well, she may not like it if I wake her.

"No Jarod help me please! Jarod! Mamma!"

Oh I don't care what she thinks I can't just leave her in that nightmare. I jump out of bed and race over to try and wake her.

"Miss Parker, Miss Parker" I say urgently "Wake up"

Oh why won't she wake up, please wake up, plea........oh shit my arm.

"Ahhhh" I shout. This must be one hell of a nightmare, she's trying to break my arm.

"Jarod run! I'm staying with Mamma. Run!" she screams, but in a child like voice as though she is a little girl again. Suddenly Broots bursts in the room.

"What's wrong? What's going on?" he demands and then he sees Miss Parker and immediately he is on the bed beside her trying to calm her down. What can I do? I feel so helpless. I've seen her have nightmares like a thousand times before on TV but to actually see it in real's just frightening. Where's Sydney in a time like this? He's the psychologist. He'd know how to handle this situation. Miss Parker wakes up with a sudden jerk, sweat is pouring down her forehead, her eyes wide with terror. What could possibly have scared her so much? It's so strange seeing her this vulnerable. Her eyes scan the room. Who is she looking for? Is someone there? I quickly glance around the room. No phew!

"Sydney is in the other room trying to calm Jarod down" Broots says quietly. Miss Parker just nods. Gee they're both having nightmares like this. What kind of hell hole is the Centre? Stupid question Krystal. Hang on they're both having nightmares at the same time....Hmm I knew they had a special connection. See they were meant to be tog.......No stop that! It's totally the wrong time to be thinking about things like that. I should be worried for the two of them not planning their wedding day.

Next thing I know Broots stumbles back. Huh did I miss something while I was off in La La land?

"I'm OK" Miss Parker snaps "Go back to bed the both of you. I don't need your help"

"Sorry we were just trying to he......"

"Go back to bed!" She growls, cutting Broots off in mid sentence.

Poor Broots, he was only trying to help her. He seems to understand though. I guess he's known her for four years now, they must be pretty close. Although not as close as he wants them to be I'll bet. Miss Parker roles over and tries to go back to sleep. Well I can't sleep now. NBC Today should be on now, I'll watch some TV for awhile. I wonder how Jarod is?

Sunlight filters in through the green curtains that hang in the window beside my bed. Yay! It's morning and that means it's time to go SHOPPING! Shopping with Miss P and to think I could be spending another day at school today. Oh shame. Wait a minute, school! They're going to wonder why I'm not there, maybe not today but if I don't turn up in a few days they'll start to wonder. Then they'll go to my house and realise we're not home and then they'll call my auntie and she'll wonder where we've gone and then they'll investigate and then they'll put out a missing persons ad and then people will spot me and then they'll tell the police and then Lyle will find out where we are and then...........ohhh I hate to think of the next part. So I won't. I'll think of SHOPPING!

Come on Miss Parker wake up. Wake up, wake up, wake up! What can I do to wake Miss Parker up without actually having to wake her. Brian messages? Wake up! Come on it's morning, it's shopping time, shopping, wake up. No. Hmmm think Krys........Oh my God! What was that? There's something crawling up my leg! Mmm. Don't panic, don't panic, just look down and see what it is. Slowly and "Ahhhh" It's a spider. It's a BIG spider, a big one. Nnerrr help. "Get it off, get it off, get it off, get it off!" I jump around the room, trying to shake it off. "Get off!" Finally the spider flys off and lands on the floor. Quick get a shoe, squash it and it's squished. Oh thank God. I turn around to see Miss Parker, Jarod, Sydney and Broots all staring at me, each trying very hard to suppress their laughter. Well, at least everybody's awake now.

"Good morning" I say sheepishly. They all burst out laughing. Well I'm glad they find it funny, I almost died of fright, but please continue laughing. One by one they stop laughing.

"So Krystal, sleep well?" Miss Parker asks and they all burst out laughing again. I grab my towel and head into the bathroom to have a shower. She wants to laugh at me, she can go ahead, I'm getting my hot shower I missed out on last night. I'll try and leave some hot water, but I can't make any guarantees.

This is it, this is the moment I've been waiting for SHOPPING! What can I say, I'm a shopaholic, there's nothing wrong with that. We pull up outside the shopping centre, despite the fact that I used up all the hot water this morning Miss Parker is in an unusually good mood. Broots tells me shopping will do that to her. Neither her or Jarod have mentioned what their nightmares were about last night, but I don't think now's the time to ask, if there ever will be a time. Right now, I'm focussing on shopping.

We pile out of the car, Sydney wants to go and explore all the book stores, Broots is desperate to check out Software Today and Jarod, well he truly is a genius, he understands the brilliance of clothes shopping, so his coming with Miss Parker and I. Miss Parker is kinda a long name to keep saying all the time, I think I'll call her Miss P, it's shorter, it's easier, she may shoot me for it though.

Oh this is so cool! We head into MYER first and I head straight to the Miss Shop section, Miss Parker and Jarod follow closely behind.

"OK Krystal, go for it, you can pick whatever you want" Miss Parker says "It's all courtesy of our twisted little friends at the Centre"

Whatever I want. I should of told her you *never* tell me to pick whatever I want, but oh well, her mistake. Hmm I want that top and that skirt and my those are nice pants, I'll have those as well. Oh now I need a top to go with them. That one, that's nice and that and that and this jacket and this shirt and another pair of pants and another skirt oh and another top and some more coats and now I need some shoes.

Miss Parker is over at the jewellery counter so I drag Jarod over with me to the shoe section. He doesn't seem to mind, in fact he helps me pick out a couple of pairs.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself considering you're supposed to be a kidnapping victim" he jokes

"What can I say, Miss P can kidnap me any day if I get to go on shopping sprees like this" I reply smiling.

"Speaking of Miss 'Parker', there she is"

"Where?" I ask

"There" he says pointing to a walking tower of clothes headed our way.Oh my God and I thought I spent a lot. She wins, hands down.

"Is that all you want?" she asks, surprised.

"No, I'll have more. I just want to go and check out some other stores"

We walk over to the counter, the lady almost dies when she sees the amount of clothes and shoes we pile on her counter.

Miss P then takes me over to CUE and Jaquie E to pick up some more 'sophisticated' clothes. I feel like I'm her personal Barbie doll, but I don't mind. I'll pick this over school, hell I'll pick this over anything anytime time. Poor Jarod he's overloaded with bags, some with clothes for himself, but mostly they're mine and Miss P's. That reminds me, it appears Miss P has forgotten all about Jarod being a prisoner, I haven't seen the handcuffs on him since yesterday afternoon. Hmmm that's one point for the shippers.

We walk out of yet another clothing store, Jarod is dressed in a new pair of black pants, a black top and a new black leather jacket. I wonder how many leather jackets that brings him up to now, not to mention black pants. Miss P is wearing a new power suit and I well I'm a mini version of Miss P in a new short silver skirt, (not nearly as short as Miss P's mind you, my mum would kill me) and a new jacket and top. Oh and a new pair of high heel shoes, how the heck she expects me to run in these clothes I don't know. I'm kinda hungry after all this shopping though. I feel like a McFlurry. Yeah a McFlurry sounds nice an Oreo McFlurry. Jarod will have one with me, I very much doubt he'd pass up the chance to have ice-cream.

We meet up with Broots and Sydney outside Big W. Broots is overloaded with new software and Sydney has a new store of books to keep him busy. I'm sooooo hungry.

"Can we get something to eat?" I ask

"Krystal you read my mind" Broots replies "I'm starving. Do you realise we haven't eaten anything since we stopped off at the gas station yesterday evening?"

Jarod, Broots and I walk down to McDonalds while Sydney and Miss Parker sit down in one of the coffee lounges. Miss P refuses to eat McDonalds, she says it's bad for her figure. Usually I'd have to agree with her, but I'm starving and I have been deprived of junk food for over twenty-four hours now, and that ain't right. All I need right now is an Orea McFlurry.

"One Orea McFlurry please" I say to the guy behind the counter.

"An Orea McFlurry? What's a McFlurry?" Jarod asks, in all sincerity. I turn to face him in totally disbelief.

"You've never had an Oreo McFlurry?" I ask slowly, totally shocked.

"No" he replies

"Make that two McFlurry's" I tell the guy at the counter.

The three of us sit down at a booth in the corner of the store. Mmmm ice-cream, oreos, does it get any better than this? Jarod seems to be enjoying his. His like almost finished already.

"So Krystal....... how are you.......... enjoying your...... stay with us?" Broots asks, in between bites of his McOz burger.

"Well, at first it was kinda scary but now I'm really starting to enj...........Oh my God"

"What? Do I have something on my face?"

"No, no, no, it's just that I could of sworn I just saw Willie walk past" Broots and Jarod both turn to each other and then to me.

"Are you sure?" Jarod asks

"Yes" Umm maybe. Yes I did, or maybe I didn't. I don't know, don't confuse me. "I did"

Broots drops his burger and stands up hurriedly "Come on, we can't stay here any more, we have to go get Miss Parker and Sydney and get the hell out of here"

No arguments from me. I grab Jarod by the hand and the three of us quickly exit the store. Ok do not panic. Look left, look right, see they're not here, we're safe. Let's look left again and right oh and behind and ahhh is that it's just a guy in a suit who's talking to another guy in a suit,................another guy in a suit who looks a lot like LYLE!

"Run!" I shout. Broots and Jarod turn around to see Lyle who is now beginning to chase us throughout the shopping centre. Run, run, run, run, run! Must make legs go faster. We run to the coffee shop where Miss Parker and Sydney are.

"Run, Lyle" I yell. Immediately they desert their coffees and are both up and running along beside us. People are staring at us but I do not care. Don't they realise this is a life and death situation here? Lyle wouldn't shoot us in front of all these people......would he? No, to risky. "Bang!" Or maybe not. Ahhh I like so totally regret these high heel shoes now.

"Split up!" Miss P yells "Krystal, Sydney, Broots go left on to the roof, Jarod you come with me, we'll meet at the car!"


Ok splitting up sounds good. He can't chase us all, although he does have sweepers with him. Don't think of that, just run! Is he still behind us? I don't want to look. Keep running, we've gotta make it all the way to the car. Now I'm glad I do gym. Oh I can't take it any longer, I've got to know if he is behind us. One, two, three, look. He's not there! He is not there! Oh thank God, but where is he?

Eventually we make it to the car. Oh I think I am going to pass out. Broots looks like he's ready to collapse, I'll join ya buddy. Oh I've never run so much in all my life. Just thank God we're all OK. Hang on. Where's Miss Parker and Jarod?


Where is Miss Parker and Jarod? Did Lyle catch them or did they escape? Join us next time in Delusions.
I'm sorry, I couldn't resist, I just watched Batman plus that part was just sooooo far fetched, it's turning into a soap opera. This has to be the lamest story I've ever written. Anyway if you did like it please let me know, if you didn't well still let me know please.


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