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Story Notes:

I don't know what to write here

Author's Chapter Notes:

Special shout out to Mirage for helping me with English and encouraging me to write, share, for being a part time therapy provider, life coach, and not letting me give up.



She didn't know how or why it was, only that it was, and that maybe there were things that couldn't be explained, shouldn't be explained.  

"This won't be explained. Not if explaining means I'm crazy. It sounds crazy. It is crazy. Am I crazy?" She said these things aloud and was terrified by the sound of her own voice.  

"You're not crazy." Jarod vowed to her.  

"This can't be," Parker sobbed. "You can't be here."  

Tears filled Jarod's eyes, mostly in sympathy. Seeing her in pain caused him pain.  

"Why can't I be here?"  

Parker's eyes lifted skyward. She didn't know how to answer. She didn't know the answer.  

She recalled the drive to the morgue. She had guarded the corpse, supervised its transfer to the Centre.  

Jarod repeated his question, and reached for her.  

Reached for her.  

Reached for her.  


He knew then.  

He knew.  

He knew before Parker answered.  

"Because you're dead."




Chapter End Notes:

Or here. I'm terrified.

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