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Angelo's Christmas


By Katecats


I do not own any of the characters of the Pretender (or other characters mentioned in this story)




Angelo quickly made his way thought the air vent with ease. Getting to the mail room was his goal as he knew that his packages should have had come late Thursday. Tonight, was the first time he had to get them.




 No one would be there as it was late on Friday the 24 of December.  He knew that tomorrow was Christmas. He had found out about Christmas by watching and listening to people though the air vent grates when he had been younger. Finally, he reached his goal and looking though the grate, smiled. He opened the grate, got out, stopped and listened. He had looped the cameras and knew how much time he had to find the packages and get back the air vent. Angelo smiled and made his way to the sorting room.




He knew that the packages would be there, so as quickly as he could he walk to the back of the room. Yes, he thought as he came to the room where they put the mail that was to be returned to the sender, mail that had the wrong address or the person didn't work at the Center. 




He quickly looked for his packages and smiled when he picked up a box and read the name. It read Mr. CJ Cracker; he then found another box and then the last box.




 He smiled, three boxes: one big box from his friend and two were things he had ordered online. If they only knew, he thought. He found a cart and put the boxes on and then made his way back to the air vent.




After putting the boxes in the air vent, he pushed them though until he was on SL 25. Stopping at a grate, he opened it and pushed the boxes into a well-lit room as the vent was near the floor. He smiled as he picked up the boxes and put them onto a table.




The room was larger and was once a store room with boxes and table and chairs and other office things.  Jarod and Angelo had found the room while they had been exploring when they were just boys.




 It was one of the forgotten rooms; there were a lot of forgotten rooms in the Center. Now it was his room, the room he always went to when the bad man was hunting for him. He had furnished it with things he had found in store rooms around the Center. He had a real bed not a thin mattress on the floor in his other room.




The room had a table and two chair a night stand, two book cases, two lamps and a desk where his computer and printer set. A TV stand held a TV and a DVD player / recorder. A small 12-inch Christmas tree set on top of one the book case and there was a file cabinet near the door and a throw rug on the floor. He even had a small refrigerator and a microwave. The room also had a toilet and a sink that worked. He had a painting and a cat clock on the wall.




Angelo sat down at the table, picked up one of the boxes, opened it and smiled. It had a box set of the Three Stooge and a box set of Harry Potter. His book cases were filled with DVD's and books of all kinds, all of them bought online with Center money.




Angelo picked up the next box. It was smaller, but he knew what was in it. He opened the box and there it was: Candies! There were chocolate bars, candy canes, gumdrops and caramel creams and bull-eyes. He ate one of the bull-eyes and smiled and then ate another.




The next box was the biggest and was from his friend. Angelo slowly opened it and saw the note which read DO NOT OPEN TILL CHRISTMAS. Darn, thought Angelo as he looked at the box inside the box. But then he smiled as he looked up at the clock it was two minutes till midnight, two minutes till Christmas so he just waited.




And two minutes later he opened the box and looked inside and saw five boxes of Cracker Jacks tried with a red ribbon and a bow. He took them out of the box. The next things were comic books: there was super heroes comics like Superman and others, 12 books of super heroes. There also were others like Archie, Donald Duck and many others, and 5 coloring books as well with new color pencils.




And still there was more: there was a Mickey Mouse Pajamas and a set of blue Moccasin his sizes. And a small AM/FM Radio CD player/recorder, and a Fruitcake in a Collectible Tin. Angelo tried it and thought it was good. And then he saw the DVD on which was written PLAY ME.




Angelo put the DVD in the DVD player and pushed play. His friend face came on to the screen. He smiled and had more of the fruitcake.




"Merry Christmas, Angelo. I hope you have a good Christmas and I hope you like what I got you. I wish you were here with me on the outside. But I know you won't leave now. Anyway, I hope you're ok and again Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you."


The DVD ended.




Angelo turned off the DVD player. His friend was happy and sad. He knew why his friend was sad; he was also alone on Christmas. But what I sent to him will make him happy, the information he was looking for about who he was and all about his family.




Angelo sighed as he ate more of the fruitcake then he got up and opening the refrigerator took out a 7UP. He walked over to the book case and picked a DVD of It's a Wonderful Life. Angelo then put the DVD in.




 Getting a box of Cracker Jacks, he sat down on the bed and pushing play, sighed and said, "Merry Christmas to All, and to all a good night!"




                                                The End




I hope you like my story. I hope to do more stories like this one in the future with the other Pretender characters.




Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone.







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