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A past transgression jeopardizes Sydney's life.

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Published: 24/12/16 Updated: 14/07/23
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I feel compelled to type the same words here that I typed in the chapter notes section of the most recent update of The Return. Those words are still true. I suppose I can understand the need for a distraction at the moment, however.

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A couple of humans read this and one of them replied, "you totes left out some deets about the weekend...we need dirty and emotional deets so we know what happened exactly." The other person said basically the same thing but with loads of obscenities that I shouldn't type here: "F*CKIN SKIMPING ON THE F*CKIN D*MN important parts is F*CKN BULLSH*T what the F*CKIN---"

and you all probably get the general idea. They also wanted "darkJarod."

I don't like to fansplain but (BUT here I go doing it anyway) the important part is that Sydney is alive. Yes?

Ah, but alas, it's much too lovely outside to be hanged, drawn, and quartered, therefore, I added several paragraphs and loads of details and some of those are about a certain activity.

The two humans were pleased with the additions (I'm displeased, but I have wine, and I suppose I'll live) (they didn't even notice that darkJarod was absent).

Honestly, I had no idea that a few sentences about a cetain activity could bring such an enormous amount of happiness to a Pretender fan. It sorta makes me want to include the certain activity in everything I scribble and make people happy more often.

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Stay healthy out there, Fam.


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During the previous few years several reviewers have asked a similar question, along the lines of, "What do you think the creators (allegedly) meant when they (allegedly) talked about the ick (allegedly in regards to Parker's paternity), something worse than Raines being Parker's potential sperm donor?"

1. I'm not even certain the creators ever said something like that; it's the first I'd heard of other potential ick, and if they said something like that I have absolutely no idea what they meant 2. I thought Dr. Ick was the ick, which (unfortunately) raised the question: what could possibly be more ICK than Raines being the potential sperm donor?

I shouldn't have asked, because several days ago when I was minding my own business trying to fall asleep an idea came leaping at me like a wound-too-tight retriever when its human walks through the door after working all day. And I should've kicked it out or rehomed it, but I'm an absolute sucker for a bad idea, and I'm quite certain no one else wants to provide refuge to something this absurd.

It's implausible (I didn't want to simply strain plausibilty here, mhn, no, I wanted to snap its neck), absolutely illogical, controversial as fuck, wildly inappropriate, thoroughly distasteful, probably illegal I'm guessing, and most certainly profoundly offensive.

How could I possibly resist?


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