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Author's Chapter Notes:

Yet another rebirth of Jarod in his early days as a doctor. (This time imagined as a Crossover episode with Three's Company.) 


The doorbell rings.



Janet is working in the kitchen preparing lunch. She then
goes toward the living room.


The doorbell rings again.

Janet enters, heading toward the door.

Crissy (V/O): Janet, can you get that!?

Janet: Do I have to?

Crissy: (VO) YES!

Janet: Ok. If you say so!


She answers the door. It's a man holding roses.

Janet: How much?

Jarod: Oh, these aren't for sale.

Janet: They're not?

Jarod: No. They're for Crissy.

Janet: Oh! Please..come on in!

Jarod: Thank you! And your name is?

Janet: Roses!

Jarod: Roses?

Janet: I mean...Janet! I'm Janet..pleased to meet you!
Here..let me take those!

She takes the roses from Jarod.

Jarod: Thank you.

Janet: Crissy you've got company!

Janet then takes the Roses into the kitchen. Crissy
then comes out.

Crissy: Did she forget her name again?

Jarod: It happens often?

Crissy: Only when I have a date.


Crissy takes Jarods jacket and places it on the coat rack.
After a beat, Janet comes back into the room and sets a vase
of roses on the table.

Janet: Crissy, take a look at what he brought you!

Crissy goes to the table and examines the vase of roses with Janet.

Crissy: Oh, they are just beautiful Honey!

Janet: (under breath to Crissy) HONEY? Now look at who's forgetting names!


Janet (cont): Why dont you take a seat.

Jarod: Thank you.

Janet: So Jarod, what do you do for a living?

Jarod: Well, right now I'm a doctor working in a hospital.

Janet: General hospital?


Jarod: No. I'm a doctor in a REAL least for the time being.

Janet: Oh, I just love a man of mystery! So what are you guys going to be doing later?

Jarod: I though we'd go to this restaurant where they make the best macaroni!

Crissy: You love macaroni?

Jarod: Yes sweetheart. Something the matter?

Crissy: I had already made plans for us tonight.

Jarod: You did? Why that is so romantic of you honey!

Janet turns facing the audience and twists her lips over the word honey.


Crissy: It is?

Jarod: Yes. What did you have in mind?

Crissy: You see, I have this friend of mine,and he has this place
..his own place actually, where they make their own stuff...

Jarod: Come on, you can spit it out...

Crissy: Spit it out? What do you mean? You see anything?

Crissy opens her mouth wide pointing into it. Janet beams over Crissys blonde moment.

Jarod: No. You were saying?

Crissy:...Yes!..Jacks Bistro! Yes, that's it! You get it?

Jarod: OUI! Allons-nous aller maintenant?

Crissy: What was that? Pig latin?

Crissy does her famous snort through her nose while giggling.


Jarod: No. That was French for are we ready to go now?

Jarod holds out his arm. Crissy takes it and they walk out the door.
Janet sits on the couch depressed.

Janet: Have a good time. Don't mind me. I'll just be right here!



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