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Author's Chapter Notes:

Jarod and Timmy over the holiday season.

A younger Jarod comes into a room with Sydney. He see's another
small boy sitting at a table.

Sydney: Jarod, why don't you keep him company until I come back?

Jarod smiles, approaching the little boy. Sydney exits.
The boy looks sad.

Jarod: Aw, don't be sad.

Jarod places his hand on the boys shoulder. They both smile.

Jarod: There, see. What is your name?

Timmy: Timmy.

Jarod: Do you have any friends?

The boy shakes his head no.

Jarod: My name is Jarod, and I'll be your friend okay?

The boy smiles.

Jarod: What would you like to do? How about reading?

Timmy: No.

Jarod looks around, there is not much else to do.

Timmy: Do you have any toys?

Jarod: Sorry Timmy, they don't let us have any.

The boy becomes saddened. Something comes to Jarods Mind.
He grabs some paper and pencils and sits with him at the table.

Jarod starts to draw while the boys watches. After some time he
completes a quick sketch of a boy next to his parents and a house.

The boys smiles and lets out a giggle. Jarod beams over his

Chapter End Notes:

Another possible missing piece.

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