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Author's Chapter Notes:

Chapter 4 Jarod tackles the chicken and the egg paradox


The scene is in black and white. Jarod, 12 years old, is sitting
at a table. Behind another plate glass wall stands Mr. Raines
& Sydney.


Mr. Raines: How soon do you think he'll have an answer?

Sydney: Based on what we are asking of Jarod, I would expect
no answer.

Mr. Raines: I thought you said he was your brightest pupil?

Sydney: By far. But what we are asking of him Raines, we dont
even have an answer for!

Mr. Raines: We'll give him to the end of the week.

Through the glass they hear Jarod call out.

Young Jarod(VO): I'm finished!

Raines and Sydney look at each other. Sydney exits the observation room.


Sydney enters and looks at the paper Jarod has with him at the table.
The paper is blank.

Sydney: Jarod, your page is blank. I take it you don't have an answer?

Jarod: I've got an answer, Sydney.

Sydney: Are you sure my dear boy?

Jarod nods, smiling.

Jarod: The question is what came first, the chicken or the egg.

Sydney: You don't see anything wrong with the question?

Jarod nods no. Sydney becomes intrigued. He paces.

Sydney: Ok, Jarod. What is the answer?

Jarod: Neither.

Sydney: So, you DO see something wrong with the question?

Jarod nods no.

Jarod: There is an answer.

Sydney comes closer, looking at Jared intently.

Sydney: Go on?

Jarod: We know that there are Chickens and that they lay eggs.

Sydney: Yes, but it still doesn't answer the question though.

Jarod: There are no fossil records that support one over the other.
No evolutionary proof.

Sydney: So what conclusion can you offer based on that Jarod?

Jarod: They must have both come first.

Sydney: Why would you say that? Isn't it more logical to conclude that
one or the other came first?

Jarod: There is no evidence to support it.

Sydney: So, based on that, what is your final answer then?

Jarod: That the Chicken must have been purposefully created to be a chicken
intended to lay eggs!

Sydney thinks on that for a moment, then smiles.


Chapter End Notes:

Tp REBIRTH celebration continues with further recognition of Mr. Demara's work in later years!

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