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Author's Chapter Notes:

Dream corp gets an unexpected visit from Dr. Raines.

Dream Corp LLC - 'When It's Raines, it Pours.'

Synopsis: Jarod uses DreamCorps help to interrogate
a suspect.

Expanded Synopsis: With help from Dr. Roberts and his team, Jarod peeks into the mind
of Mr. Raines in order to recover information vital to national security.

ESTABLISHING SHOT - Dream Corp building.

INT - Reception Office - Night

Joey is at her desk. Dr. Roberts comes in, looking at
his watch.

INSERT SHOT - His watch shows it is just past midnight.

Dr. Roberts: It's getting kind of late. Heard anything from the client yet?

Joey: No. Not yet.

Dr. Roberts: Oh, well. Guess we'll call it a night then. Cards with the tards?

Joey nods. They both exit.



We see a caravan of Vans quickly making their way up a road.


Everybody is at the table playing cards. It's Joey's turn. She turns to Ahmed,
thumbing through her cards.

Joey: Lets you have...a two?

Ahmed nods.

Ahmed: Nope. Go fish!

Ahmed licks his lips and then puckers up. Joey hesitates, looking away.

Randy sucks in his cheeks and does an impression of a fish while chuckling.

Randy: Time to pay up!

Joey: Are you sure this is how this game is played?

Ahmed nods excitedly. Joey closes her eyes in disgust.



The caravan of vehicles screech to a halt just outside.



A man dressed in a black suit enters. He approaches the receptionist window
and rings the service bell.

Joey walks in. We notice her lipstick is smudged. She realizes this looking at
her reflection then wipes her mouth.

Joey: May I help you?

Jarod: Yes. I'm here to see Dr.Roberts.

Joey: Sure. Are you with the Police, IRS or FBI?

Jarod: No..

Joey: Good.

Jarod flashes his badge.

Jarod: ..I'm with the DHS.

Joey presses a red button under the table.

Joey: Oh...


INT - DREAM CORP/Control Room

Dr. Roberts see's this through his security cam...

Dr. Roberts: ..Sh**!

The room suddenly goes dark while the emergency and exit lights come on.

Dr. Roberts and the others quickly work to try and hide various items.
Pat bangs his foot, screaming in agony. Ahmed comes up behind him and
tries to muffle his screams.


INT - Receptionist Office

We hear all this going on from behind the door. Joey tries to
smile it off.

Jarod: Everything ok?

Joey: The Doctor is currently with a patient. He should be
out shortly.

Jarod: Tough case.

Joey: It's one of Dr. Roberts more radical courses of treatment though he does
not recommend it for everyone. Interested?

Jarod: Not particularly, though I am somewhat familiar with it.


Randy pulls TERRY's power pack. Terry smacks him just before loosing power.

TERRY: Hey, give that back! Dr. Roberts help! He touched me there...again..

TERRY folds over.

Ahmed goes to an emergency exit and looks out. An agent is waiting at the door.
He slams it back shut.

Ahmed: We're surrounded!

Dr. Roberts picks up a phone and calls her...


The phone rings. Joey picks it up.


Joey: Yes?

Dr. Roberts: Oh, hi Joey. You rang?

Joey: Yes. I have someone here...from the DHS.

Dr. Roberts: DHS, huh?

Joey: UHM HMM.


Meanwhile, in one of the backrooms, Randy sifts through some scuba diving gear while Ahmed
moves an object away from the floor. We see a plate in the floor.


Dr. Roberts: Give me a moment. Tell him I'll be right there!


Ahmed finally gets the plate removed. He looks into the tunnel and sees someone already in gear,
trying to climb to the surface. Ahmed replaces the plate back in the floor and pushes an object
back over top of it with Randy's help.

Meanwhile back in the receptionist area..

Joey smiles at Jarod. We can hear the consistent sound of a flushing toilet in the background.


Dr. Roberts is in the bathroom dumping chemicals and other substances into the toilet.
He pulls a couple refers out of his pocket and hesitantly throws them in.

Ahmed and Randy come into the room.

Randy: They've blocked all the exits!?

Dr. Roberts: Including the sewer?

Randy nods.

Suddenly, Ahmed grabs Randy from behind and drags him off.


From the receptionist room, a video display comes on. On the screen, Ahmed is holding Randy from behind
with a sharpie pressed against his temple.

Jarod: Should I be watching this?

Joey smiles.

Ahmed: Stop! I warn you! I'll do it! I will! I have demands!

Jarod: uh, excuse me?.....excuse me? I hope I'm not interrupting anything?

Dr. Roberts has a sudden realization.

Dr. Roberts: Interrupting?

Randy: Did he say..interrupting?

Ahmed: That's what it sounded like.

Jarod: Yes. I spoke to you earlier?

Dr. Roberts: Earlier?

Jarod: Yes.

Randy: Did he say, yes?

Ahmed: That's what it sounded like

Jarod: I hope I'm not too late?

Dr. Roberts: Late?

Randy: Did he say late?

Ahmed: That's what it sounded like.

Dr. Roberts: Wait, your the twelve o'clock?

Jarod: The twelve o'clock.

Randy: Did he say..the twelve o'clock?

Ahmed: That's what it sounded like.

Jarod: Yes.

Dr. Roberts: You?

Jarod: Well the appointments not necessarily for me, actually. It's
a matter of national security, however.

The lights all come back on.

Dr. Roberts: Sure. What can we do for you, Jarod?

Jarod: Given your methods I think youd be the perfect solution to a
problem we have. Bring him in.

A couple of agents bring in a man in chains. We see that it is Mr. Raines.

They all give Mr. Raines a good long stare.

Jarod: Problem?

They all look at each other nodding in agreement.

Dr. Roberts: No. No problem at all. Welcome to our lair.

Mr. Raines snarles. The sound of a door unlocking can be heard.


Chapter End Notes:

Great show. Glad to see it on more platforms. Looking for season 3.

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