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Author's Chapter Notes:

An Original Series Teaser. This episode reflects some earlier, as well as later work that MR. Demara had contributed to that wasn't a pretend. 

THE PRETENDER: A Reason To Celebrate.

by SimTec



As a car pulls into the facility and passes by, We catch a glimpse of
Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots inside.


Miss Parker is showing Dr. Jones a picture of Jarod.

Dr. Jones: Yes, Jarod Lily. He worked with us for about
seven months before he dissapeared.

Sydney: Do you mind if we take a look at his desk?

Dr. Jones: Not at all.

Dr. Jones leads them across the lab toward Jarods work space.

Ms. Parker: What was he working on?

Dr. Jones: He was researching the field of endocrinology.

Miss Parker looks at Sydney.

Sydney: Its a study on the bodys ability to communicate on a
cellular and glandular level with chemical messages.

Dr. Jones: Right.

They make it to Jarods desk. We see it is littered with tinker toy
shapes that look like giant molecules. Broots grabs one of them.

Broots: Cool.

Broots tries to re-arrange its apparent movable structure.

Miss Parker: BROOTS.

Broots puts back the tinker toy molecule. Miss Parker puts up a smile
to Dr. Jones.

Dr. Jones: Where did you guys say you were from?

Sydney: We are just good friends of Jarods and were wondering about
his whereabouts as well.

Broots looks at Jarods computer screen and flashes Dr. Jones a
look for approval to search, pointing to the keyboard. Dr. Jones gives
Sydney a concerned look.

Sydney: He is our best technical assistant. If there is anything in here that
can help us find Jarod, he will be able to get it.

Dr. Jones: Ill have my assistant help him out. Youll be able to take a look
at some of his notes and miscellaneous files but you wont be able
to look at the breakthrough research he�s produced.

Sydney looks in amazement at Dr. Jones.

Sydney: Did you say breakthrough, Doctor?

Dr. Jones: Its amazing, I know. In the short time hes been here he has produced
what looks to be a potential medicine capable of treating a wide range
of diseases from hormonal imbalance to advanced diabetes. And the
possibilities dont end there. Ill be back with my assistant.

Dr. Jones leaves. Broots quickly types on the keyboard, bringing up a screen showing
Jarods files. One is labled confidential.

Ms Parker: Whatever Brainiac has been up to and what hell be doing next has to be
in that file.

Dr. Jones returns with his assistant.

Sydney: Doctor, in your opinion, what branch of medicine would stand to benefit most
from this research?

Dr Jones: Obviously it would have to be Pediatrics. Should be no surprise, of course,
at least to any of us around here. Jarod was always big on kids.

Dr. Jones opens a desk drawer, revealing a bunch of PEZ dispensers and candy.


A woman and her small Son, Charlie, enter. Charlie takes off toward the magazine racks.

Woman: Im just going to get a couple of things for dinner. We wont be here long.
Ok, Charlie?

Charlie: Ok, Mommy.

Charlie looks at a revolving rack of comic books, spinning it around. He settles on one,
removing it.

Charlie: Oh boy!

We see the front page. There is a drawing that looks like Jarod wearing a priests
collar. Charlie sees Jarod nearby and hands him the comic book.

Charlie: Look, Mister!

Jarod squats down while taking a closer look.

Jarod: I can see that.

The boy grabs another comic book for himself.

Charlie: See, its the latest episode in the new series! My Mom Taught me to tell how by
looking here..

The boy points to the volume number on the comic book.

Charlie: (Cont..) But I can tell by looking at the pictures.

Jarod: Looking at the pictures?

The boy whispers in his ear.

Charlie: I can tell this is the new one. See. I don�t have this one yet.

Jarod smiles, whispering back.

Man: Oh, I see.

The boys mother approaches.

Woman: Its time to go.

Charlie shows his Mother the comic book.

Charlie: Can I get this?

Woman: Maybe next time.

Charlie, disappointed , puts back the magazine.

Woman (Cont.) I dont have enough money right now.

Jarod takes money from his pocket and hands it to her along with the magazine.

Jarod: Merry Christmas!

She notices he is wearing the collar.

Woman: Why, thank you Father! God Bless you! What do you say to the nice man Charlie?

The boy, looking up from the comic book, notices something familiar about Jarod.

Charlie: Thank you!

Charlie waves then turns to leave with his mother. Jarod waves back, smiling.
He then removes something from his pocket.

INSERT SHOT: A picture of Charlie and his Father.


Chapter End Notes:

Later in MR. Demara's career, he continued his work with the church toward helping others.

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