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Author's Chapter Notes:

Episode 4 with the cast of RUSH HOUR and SIM as they join forces to return to Hon Kong to assist Lee toward helping his uncle with his latest assignment.

INT - Captain Cole's office - Day

Carter and Lee step in. Lee shuts the door behind them.
As Captain Cole is about to say something, Carter puts up
a finger...

Carter: Captain, before you begin I think its only fair to
warn you that I already know.

Cole: Know? About what Detective?

Carter: There, you see?

Cole: See?

Carter wiggles his ears. Lee is caught off guard by this and smiles.

Carter: In case you haven't noticed, I've got ears!

Cole: Oh?

Carter points a finger at her.

Carter: Oh? You're proving my point!

Cole: Point?

Carter: See! There you go again!

Cole: Again?

Carter: (to Lee)...did you see that?!

Lee shrugs his shoulders.

Carter: Captain, please! Just stop while your..BEHIND!

Cole begins to respond, Carter interrupts.

Carter:..Nuh uh! Simon didn't say!

Lee: Whose...behind?

Carter: Well, it's not going to be mine Bro and besides your not helping!

Lee looks at Cole, shrugging his shoulders.

Carter: (cont)...I'm taking my time off Captain and there is nothing that
is going to stop me or change my mind!

Cole: Is that what you think this is about Carter?

Carter: I know so.

Cole: I just wanted to let you know to enjoy your time off.

Carter: Well, if that's so then why is he here?

Cole: I have to brief him on a case.

Carter: UH HUH. And that couldn't have waited?

Lee looks at his watch.

Lee: It's five till.

Carter: (to Lee) Put your arm down man, you ain't helpin!

Carter: (to Cole)..So?

Cole puts up a big smile.

Cole: So...what are your plans for the next two weeks, Carter?

Carter: I thought you were never gonna ask cappy!

Carter looks out the window to those watching. He closes the blinds on them.

Carter: Look, what I am about to say doesn't leave this room, got it?

Both Cole and Lee nod. Carter gets all happy and dreamy.

Carter: First...

Cole: First?

Carter: First, let's see I'm gonna spend one week...

Cole: week... week...

Cole: Doing?

Cole and Lee listen closely.

Carter: Doing? Doing, lets see...probably doing...nothing man! Just tired
and trying to recover from this place! It's what I do every night
after work...eating ice cream and watching TV until I fall

Cole and Lee give a disappointed look.

Carter: But don't you all worry. The second week I should have my shebang

Lee: She-bang?

Carter does a dance.

Carter: Yea man. Shebang! Do a little partying. You know with the babes.

Lee: Babes?

Carter: Where've you been man? Besides, cappy I'm gonna need to borrow
back, you know, my book.

Cole: I can't.

Carter: Why not?

Cole: That book is being held in evidence.

Carter: Look, how was I supposed to know some of them were, you know, one
of them kind!

Both Lee and Cole gives him a look.

Carter: I resolved the case didn't I? Look, you give a little you
get a little right?

Lee gives him a look.

Carter: (to Lee) You wouldn't understand. Besides it's all your fault!

Lee: Mine?

Carter: Man, you are so by the book!

Lee: Good word. You said it.

Cole chuckles.

Carter: (to Lee) Ha ha. Besides, you forced me to squeal!

Lee: Squeal?

Carter: Hello wall!

Carter: (to Cole) Look cappy, do I or don't I have immunity on that case?

Cole: You've stated you had no specific knowledge about these women, right?

Carter: Right! You guys believe me don't you?

There is hesitation before Cole and Lee nod.

Carter: You hesitated! I'm a detective for crying out loud!

Both Cole and Lee give Carter a look.

Carter: Okay, wrong choice of words, but I did NOT have sexual relations
with those women!

Cole gives him a look.

Carter: And besides, I'm pleading the fifth if they prove
otherwise! That wasn't an admittance by the way.

They both give him a look, nodding.
Carter stops for a moment to catch his breath.

Carter: I know. I know. Quit while I'm behind.

Cole and Lee chuckle.

Carter: Well, I'm glad a few of those around us can see the
humor in this. Toodles..

Carter heads toward the door.

Cole: Uh, wait...

Cole pulls up a bag and digs into it.

Carter: Yea, that's right. I almost forgot!

Carter rubs his hands together. Cole hands him a couple of coupons.

Cole: Three for ten special on Hagen Daz, right?.

Cole nods. Carter looks through them. Lee appears to be humored by all
of this.

Carter: Thanks. You wouldn't happen to have one for bonbons on you by
any chance?

Cole finds one and hands it to Carter.

Cole: There you go.

Carter: Thanks.

Carter notices extra coupons still in her hands and takes those too.

Carter: Thank you!

Cole gives Carter a surprised look.

Carter thumbs through the coupons like cash as he walks
out the door.

Cole: Have a good time Carter.

Carter waves without looking back as he exits.

Lee: Mrs. Cole you mentioned earlier that you wanted to see
me about something?

Cole: (Cont)...Yes, I was notified personally by the white
house that you handle this next investigation...

Carter hears this as he closes the door. He stops..

Carter: (to himself)..Wait a minute! the White House?!

Carter hurriedly heads back into the office.

Cole tells something to Lee, handing him a folder. Lee looks through it.

Cole: Oh, Carter. Back so soon?

Carter: Ha, ha. What's up with the white house?

Cole: What? was nothing.

Carter: What? Nothing?...See! There you go again!

Cole: What, again?

Carter: (To Lee) There, you see!?

Lee tries to shrug it off.

Carter: You saw it this time! Don't tell me you didn't!

Cole: Carter...Carter!

Carter: What?

Cole: I thought you wanted to start on your vacation?

Carter: I did..and I will. But first tell me what's going on.

Cole: If I tell you...

Carter: Just tell me! Its okay. You know nothing can stop me now anyway!

Carter starts to do a dance.

Carter: (singing) See!!...ain't no stopping me now...

Carter: (cont)...It's just idle curiosity.

The phone rings.

Cole: (To Lee) That must be them.

Carter just beats out Cole at grabbing the phone.

Carter: HELLO!?

Cole keeps her composure.

Carter: Hello, yes. Uhm hmm? You got it. Who? The SIM what?...Team? Uh, hold on let me transfer
you to my assistant to get the details!

Carter hands Cole the phone.

Carter: Here. It's for you.

Carter then sits in a chair.

Cole: Gee, thanks. (To Lee) You can go ahead and deliver that.

Carter: You heading down the street?

Lee nods.

Lee: You coming along?

Carter: Naw man, I'll just be waiting right here.

Carter pulls out a coupon and hands it to him.

Carter: You can grab me some bon bons while your out though, thanks!


Chapter End Notes:

Taking a little TIME OUT.

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