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Author's Chapter Notes:



A SIM/SHERLOCK Series 5 CROSSOVER Episode 1 "The Letter."


We settle in on a car pulling to a side street...



Mary: Well here we are. Good luck.

Watson: What for? I'm pretty sure I'll get the job.

Mary: I meant in regards to getting in and out of there before he realizes that.

Watson: Im not worried. He if anyone should know that it was inevitable!

Mary giggles.

Mary: How true.

They then kiss.

Mary (cont): Im sure he'll eventually understand, especially how important this is to you.

Watson: Are you kidding? Working with Scotland Yard, Interpol and the States on big time cases
is the last thing he'd want to have happen!

Mary: Without him?

Watson: No! Without ME working UNDER him!

Mary: Should I join you?

Watson: No. Take the wheel and keep the engine running....just in case.

Watson exits the car and heads into Sherlocks apartment building.



Sherlock is sitting naked in his chair soaking his feet in a vibrating foot massager.
He opens a piece of mail and reads to himself out loud...

Sherlock: Dear Sherlock Holmes please accept our congratulations. You have just won
2 million pounds in our annual sweepstakes..yea right..

He puts it through the paper shredder and opens another piece of mail...

Sherlock: Dear Sherlock Holmes you've been approved for a line of credit in the amount, really?

He puts it through the paper shredder and opens another piece of mail...

Sherlock: Mr. John Watson we are pleased to announce...

Sherlock hesitates, realizing its not his mail..but out of curiosity he continues
to read anyway....

Sherlock: ..we are pleased to announce our acceptance of your application for the
position of......

Sherlock goes silent reading the rest.

Sherlock: ..Hmm!

Sherlock quickly moves his eyes side to side across the room, putting the
letter through the shredder.

He opens and reads another. Watson comes into the apartment and sees Sherlock put
another letter through the shredder. He smiles to himself and shakes his head.
He knocks on the door frame.

Sherlock: Go away. Not now..I'm busy!

Watson comes into the room toward him. Upon realizing Sherlock is naked, he turns his

Sherlock: I told you!..don't come any closer, I'm armed and dangerous!

Sherlock covers himself with a few letters.

Watson: No, you are actually out of uniform and in poor stature..from what I've just seen.

Sherlock chuckles.

Watson:..uh, your door was wide open.

Sherlock: What brings you here, John?

Watson: Well, it wasn't to skinny dip with you in your foot massager Sherlock. Mrs. Hudson
said I got some mail in recently?

Sherlock: Oh? And how would she know?

Watson: The post man has been having to leave it with her since your mailbox has been
over flowing.

Sherlock: Oh, yes. That's right.

Watson: You haven't been getting out much lately?

Sherlock: It only appears that way, since you've moved out.

Watson: Yes. It seems you have been missing out on a lot of modern conveniences
since then.

Watson gives him a look.

Sherlock: What?

Watson: The letter Sherlock.

sherlock: Tell me, John, why would you be expecting your mail to come here now?

Watson: Mrs. Hudson said...

Sherlock: I know what Mrs. Hudson said John. Were you expecting something to come this way?

Watson hesitates, looking away.

Sherlock: Well?

Watson: Yes, Sherlock! Yes! Now can I have it?

Sherlock: Tell me why?

Watson: To improve my chances.

Sherlock: Improve your chances? Due to an association with me?

Watson: Yes.

Sherlock: Why didn't you tell me?

Watson: I will if I get the job...did I get it?

Sherlock: I could have gotten the job for you myself if you would have just asked me John!

Watson: And what?..spoil all the fun!?..for crying out loud Sherlock!..did I get the job or not!?

Sherlock hesitates at first, then nods. Watson smiles.

Watson: Yes! I think a call to celebration is in order.

Sherlock: And you can thank me.

Watson: You would be right. I can thank you for this one Sherlock. And I mean that from the
bottom of my heart. Now, can I have the letter?

Sherlock: Yes, this does call for a celebration John. wont you join me?

Sherlock points to another chair....


They both sit across from each other, sitting in their chairs naked with their feet
in foot massagers....

They stare at each other for awhile. John finally says something.....

Watson: Ok, Sherlock...the letter...please.

Sherlock reaches into the waste basket and pulls out shredded paper, handing it to John.
John, comatose at first, suddenly stands in rage reaching out toward Sherlock.

John trips, falling to his hands on Sherlock's knee's. Mrs. Hudson and Watson's wife come into
the room, shocked. Watson see's them...

Watson: Oh, no! This is not what it seem's honey!..Mrs. Hudson.

Mrs. Hudson: I always suspected something about you two. But I never could have believed it until

Watson: (To Mrs. Watson) I though I told you to wait in the car! This was only going to take a minute.. I mean..

Watson, realizing he's still at Sherlock's knee's, suddenly get's up facing them..

Mrs. Hudson covers her eye's. Watson looks around for a towel. Sherlock points him toward a robe.
Watson puts it on.

Watson: Tell them, Sherlock.

Sherlock hesitates purposely in order to get an expression on John's face. Watson becomes worried.
Sherlock then smiles.

Sherlock: No need to worry Mrs. Hudson..Mrs. was...strictly platonic.

Watson looks at Sherlock, angrily.

Watson: What kind of explanation was that?

Watson's wife suddenly breaks out into laughter. It causes a chain reaction among them.

After a beat, they suddenly hear noises down the stair well. A bunch of reporters with camera's
are making their way up the stairs.

Watson: Oh, no.

Mrs. Hudson follows John and Mrs. Watson up the next flight of stairs. Sherlock is still in his chair..

Sherlock: Mrs. Hudson, I though I told you to fix that lock! You know how I value my privacy.

The reporters make their way to the apartment. John, from the next set of stairs, directs them in
with a smile...

Watson: He's right in there!

Meanwhile back in the apartment, Sherlock gets up and tries to cover himself with something....

The reporters come in and start taking pictures. Sherlock smiles for them.....


Chapter End Notes:

The SAGA continues...

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