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Author's Chapter Notes:



Lisbons office/FBI headquarters...

Lisbon is on her phone. An agent approaches knocking on an already
opened door.

Lisbon (on phone):Uh, can you hold on just a second?

Lisbon: (cont/to agent) I'm kind of busy here right now, what is it?

Agent: A Miss Parker from the Jacksonville branch is here to see you.

Lisbon: Can it wait?

Agent: No bother. It's just about a cold case anyway.

Agent heads back toward the door.

Lisbon: Wait. Cold case? Send her in.

Lisbon: (on phone) Look, can I call you back? Yes, I've got your number...thanks!

Lisbon presses a few buttons on the phone.

Lisbon: Jane! Get in here, I think we've got something that will help with
our cold case dillema.


Miss Parker shows Lisbon a photo...

INSERT SHOT: A picture of Mr. Robert Lyle, circa 2001.

Lisbon: Who is he and what does he have to do with our current situation?

Miss Parker: His name is Mr. Robert Lyle. Former head of what was known at the time as 'The Centre.'


Jane walks down the hall with his tea in hand. He takes a sip, smiling with
something mischeivous in mind.


Meanwhile in a briefing room...

Abbott is waiting. he looks at his watch.

Abbott: Where is Jane? He was told 0700 hours.

Lisbon: He was told, but you know Jane. This is his way of saying that this is only
going to be done his way and on his own terms.

Abbott: Jane definitely closes cases but I know he's never been able to do it alone.
yet the word out there make it appear he is accompishing it all alone.

lisbon: Don't worry sir. We all know the truth about Jane and his antics dont we?

They all nod in agreement.

Abbott: well I just want you to know I appreciate all your hard work and I'm not fooled
with how this all look's.

Everybody nods in agreement.

Abbott: I'll tell you what. If leeway is what Jane wants, Ill give it to him and assign
him a case Ive been asked to look into. We'll put him on that while we work on another
ourselves without him!

Cho: Sounds good. Lets do it.

They all nod in agreement. Jane walks in..

Jane: Sorry I'm late. Did I miss anything?

Abbott: Your not excused and yes you have missed something.

Jane: There is no need to get HUFFY. You should know me by now. Anyway,
I perfer to get the cliff note version or catch this stuff on the fly.
No need for study unless its in preparation for a quiz?

A few chuckle at Janes remark. Abbott maintaines his cool and smiles controllably...

Abbott: Well fortunately for us we have you, Jane.

The others try to muffle their chuckles. Jane takes notice, becoming concerned.

Abbott: Well if you take a seat we will begin..again.

Jane: Yes, of course..sorry...I think..

Jane tries to smile it off.

Abbott: For you Jane, we'll just get right to it. I've been assigned a cold
case I'll want you to lead.

Jane smiles.

Jane: Cold case? Lead? ...Me?

Abbott: Yes, cold case.

A few chuckle.

Jane: I'm flattered. So, who's going to be joining me?

Abbott points at him. Jane points to himself in question.

Jane: So its going to be me...and?

Abbott points to Jane again.


Abbott nods.

Abbott: You catch on quick.

Jane: So, what are you guys going to be doing?

Abbott: We are going to be working on another case.

Jane: Another case?

Abbott: Another case.

Jane: Without me?

Abbott: You sound surprised? Isn't this what you want?

Jane: WHAT I WANT is just a little breathing room. You know,
to keep my thoughts clear. To do what I've got to do. That is
my secret, especially when it comes to these cases.

Abbott: And my secret, as well as the other's are team work,
and following the rules..

A few Chuckles come from the others.

Jane: Touche. You seem to have me pegged as if I'm Captain Chaos or

A few more chuckles are heard.

Jane: ..I don't think it's absolutely necessary we should have to
breath down each others necks giving each other the intimate details
of our thoughts or intentions when we're out in the field.

Abbott: Then I had you pegged wrong then...

Jane: ..What's that supposed to mean?..

Abbott: ..that wouldn't appeal to you, considering that carney act you came
from..such as reading other peoples minds and picking up on their intentions
as such..

Everybody laughs out loud. Even Jane has to smile at that one.

Jane points a finger at Abbott, and is about to say something..but Abbott

Abbott: I know. Touche, right?

Jane stands speechless. They continue to laugh.

Chapter End Notes:

Bringing a REBIRTH to the old shows!

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