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Author's Chapter Notes:

NOTE: This is a work in progress with continuing to solve the enigma with regard to the time gap and circumstance change with rebooting the series.


Expanding on the episodic radio promo, a little more detail is given here in synopsis form toward making this reboot achievable. Its conception as well as its believability as made possible by REBIRTH has surely lead toward the possibility of its achievement!

PILOT Part 2 is just that. Part 2 because part 1 is reserved for the TP creators to fill in the blanks with regard to where the series left off before the cancellation. Since no one knows for sure what this continuation would have been since the series was cancelled, picking up with a possible REBOOT and making that possible would logically begin with PART 2.

NOTE: (With regard to what the remaining series would have been) would be full knowledge of the rest of the story arc from a writer and production point of view which of course would be the structure which PILOT part 1 would be framed around. The details, however, would be spread out beyond the pilot into the rest of the series as revealed in the subplots/flashbacks.


So, here it goes (as fans on behalf of the show!)

(PILOT part 2)

Jarod, a genius capable of assuming anyone's identity, heads a government think tank
called S.I.M. Having been an abductee by a corrupt branch of an organization known as
"The Centre" years earlier, he now spends his time assisting others who have been
victims or are on the run from such organizations. In part two of this episode, Jarod
finds that this corrupt branch has returned.

Working undercover as a Psycologist, Jarod councils a young foster teen who had once
been an abductee. Afterwards he reviews a DSA of this young boy when he was still captive.
An adult attendant in lab coat can be seen on camera with the youth. Shortly thereafter,
Jarod joins Sydney who is doing some social work for parents and their children.

In the meantime, an incident occurs overseas in South Africa that is reported by the
NSA to agent Parker of the FBI. She finds that it involves this rogue branch of that was
thought to be long gone. She has a series of flashbacks from that time period and from there
reports it to the DHS.

Chapter End Notes:

There is enough here to give the idea of how this reboot can be made possible with the series. First starting with a reboot of the name and the main plot which takes place in present time.

Considering the time gap, we break the original idea of the series into a resolution going back in real time to when the series was cancelled and reboot the plot into something also happening to the present.

Finally, we bring back the old plot in the form of a subplot into the new series to explain not onlt the current conflict but resolving the old ones as well. This not only answers old questions, it also raises new ones as well to drive the current plot forward to its own resolution. 

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