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Author's Chapter Notes:

A possible begining for Jarod with running simulations with Dr. Sydney Green.


Jarod waits in a darkend room. Sydney then enters...

Jarod: Hi Sydney. You said there was something you wanted me to see?

Sydney: Yes Jarod. I want you to take a look at something. Afterward,
tell me what you think.

Jarod: Sure, Sydney.

A movie plays on the screen showing a family shooting a
home movie on an airliner.

Jarod watches intently and is happy to see a family together.

He reacts as the airplane they are on is suddenly blown from the sky.

The lights come back on.

Sydney: Jarod, tell me what you think. What is on your mind after having seen this?

Jarod: This is a simulation.

Sydney: How would you know?

Jarod: The camera. If it did record an actual event before its impending disaster
and was recoverable, it most likely would not have ended that
quickly to begin with.

Sydney: Very good Jarod. As a matter of fact, in actual cases where a recording device
was recovered, traces of additional data even after its supposed
termination would be present unlike in this situation, because it was in fact
a simulation. Well done.

Jarod: Sydney, is there another reason why you wanted me to see this?

Sydney: Yes. So far you are following this as expected my dear boy.
Now I want you to take it a step further and put yourself in my shoes and
tell me where you think I am going with this?

Jarod: It couldn't be about the incident in itself, since it has already happened and
is not real.

Sydney: Go on.

Jarod: It must have more to do with what I think, how I react emotionally to what
I have just seen and how it makes me feel.

Sydney: Yes. How does it make you feel and want to react Jarod?

Jarod: I would want to know if this is actually happening. I would want to be prepared
and find a way to do something about it.

Sydney: Very good. That is my purpose for showing you this. I think you are ready

Jarod: Is there something more you want me to see? Something that really happened?

Sydney: Yes. There is an incident similar to this that has remained unresolved for one
of our clients.

Chapter End Notes:

A reference to Jarod's last preoccupation with a particular simulation just before he escaped the Centre. (Dedicated to Media

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