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Author's Chapter Notes:

Wondering what Kyle would be doing meanwhile....

BurnNotice Crossover Episode SEASON 1 EP 25 "No one left behind."


Mike and Fee go to Central America to rescue Sam after he is
captured by a drug kingpin.

(Somewhere in Central America at a prison camp.)

There is laughter and a sound of someone taking blows.

GUARD 1: So, what have you got to say to!?

Another guard attempts to spit on Sam, missing him. Sam looks down at his
shoes. They laugh at him.

Sam: I'd say..don't bother, they were already shined earlier.

Sam looks up smiling looking directly at a guard who has a black
and blue mark on his face in the shape of his shoe.

The guard becomes angered and looks at Hermosa. Hermosa nods.
Guard 1 punches Sam in the gut again.

Hermosa: Take them away!

Gardner: Wait a minute. Why me? I was the one who reported he was an agent working with the DEA!

Hermosa: Accountability senior. We'll need you around to tell Mr. Diaz yourself.

Gardner: Listen, I've got....

Gardner nods for him. Hermosa comes in closer...listening carefully.

Gardner: Look, can't we make some kind of arrangement? Diaz is known know,
shoot the messenger. I don't really want to be around when they confirm who he is.

Hermosa: What did you have in mind?

Gardner looks down at his vest pocket. A guard removes a roll of bills and hands it
to Hermosa.

Hermosa: I see.

Hermosa stops to think, then places the bills in his pocket.

Hermosa: What are you waiting for, take them away!

Gardner: I thought we had a deal?!

Hermosa: For this much Senior, we sweep your room only.

The guards laugh as they exit. Hermosa lights up a cigar.

MEANWHILE..aboard a small airplane...

Mike readies to jump. We see that Fee is flying the plane.
She looks over at him and gives him a thumbs up.

Mike: OK!

As Mike readies to jump, Fee gets out of her seat to join him.
She reaches for a parachute but Mike intercepts.

Mike: And where do you think you are going?!


Mike: Oh no your not! Besides, who's going the plane!?

Fee: Sam is down there!

Mike: I know where Sam is Fee!

They struggle with the parachute. Mike finally grabs it out of Fee's hands and throws
it out of the airplane.

Mike: I'll see you back at home!

He then jumps out of the airplane. She then jumps out after him.

As he parachutes to the ground he see's her falling toward him.

He slows his disent to try and reach her. As they grab on to each other, the chute opens.
They then slowly decend to Earth.

MEANWHILE...back at the prison camp..

Sam, Williams and Gardner are in cages next to each other in a room.

Sam: Look, considering the circumstances, no hard feelings, alright? Boy,
and I thought I had it bad. You have no idea what these warlords are willing to do
to keep what they got. Yea, what you guys have done is nothing compared to what they'll
do to you when they get their hands on you.

(They finally look at him)

Sam: Yea, for me there is still a chance. The boys back home are coming for me you know?
Help me and maybe you can still get the lesser of the two possibilities..well three actually.

Williams: What's the third one?

Sam nods toward a cell that contains a large man with metal teeth..

Sam: Let's just say I heard he's the answer to the prison's rat infestation.

Gardner: ..It's you they want. I turned you in!

Sam: Boy, you sure did and when I tell Diaz you had been working with me
he will have you digging your hole next to mine just to be on the safe side.

Williams: You wouldn't?

Sam nods with a smile.

Gardner: (To Williams) Let's get out of here before Diaz gets back!

Williams: Well, what do you want me to do? If I could have done something about
this, I would have done it already!

Gardner and Williams rattle their cage in frustration.

Sam: You know, if you boys had gotten out more often, you would have been more
sympathetic to what the rest of us go through and maybe things would have been

A couple of guards come in and set shovels next to the door before exiting.
Williams and Gardner freeze.

Sam: That is not a good sign...for any of us. It's still not too late.
So what do you two say?

Williams and Gardner look at each other and then nod at Sam in agreement.

Sam holds a hand to his ear.

Gardner: Alright! Help us get out of here! We will cooperate.

Sam: That's good to hear. You know, I can't think of any other place but one where
an admittance like that can get you a club membership?

Gardner: How soon can we be expecting them to get here?

Sam: Hopefully before we finish digging our holes. the woods.

Mike and Fee separate themselves from the chute and begins looking
around at their surroundings

BACK in a room in the prison....

Sam: Should be any time now.

Gardner: When help arrives?

Sam: I meant before they have us start digging.

Gardner swallows. Several guards enter at gun point. Hermosa finally enters. They let them out
of their cages and hands them shovels...

Sam: Does this mean what I think it means?

Hermosa nods.

Hermosa: Si. But I will grant you one last request and I don't normally grant such requests.

Williams: I've got one.

Hermosa: Not you. Just Mr Axe.

Williams and Gardner look at Sam.

Sam: I won at poker the other night.

Hermosa: A very lucky hand indeed! What is your request?

Sam: To dig our holes at a nice meadow I usually frequent.

Hermosa nods.

Hermosa: That can be arranged.

They leave the room. Sam goes to a barred window looking out. The other
watch him intently.

Sam (under breath): Come on guys. Where are you?


Chapter End Notes:

Kyle in an Alternate Universe

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