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Author's Chapter Notes:

Another look at possibilities. This time in reflection with regard to the time and plot gaps....


A Seaplane floats its way toward a pier. The islanders
prepare to greet its passengers.

Tattoo: Boss, can you tell me something?

Mr. Roark: Of course tattoo.

Tattoo: I checked the guest list and noticed you only have one
fantasy to fulfill this week?

Mr. Roark: Yes, that is correct.

Tattoo: Business kind of slow?

Mr. Roark: No, it's business as usual, however, this particular
fantasy will require all our care, concern and
attention my dear friend.

Tattoo: what is their fantasy boss?

Mr. Roark: Do you remember that standoff that occureed twenty
or so year ago between government military forces
and an organization called 'The Centre?'

Tattoo stares blankly.

Mr. Roark: (cont..) The one that was televised and made world news?

Tattoo: Oh, yes boss! Now I remember. It was terrible. A real

Mr. Roark: Yes, indeed, it was.

A man and woman step off the plane and are greeted by the islanders.
They are each then given wreathes and a drink.

Mr. Roark: (cont...) Meet Miss Parker. Her father, Mr Parker, ran the
Centre. During the confrontation, Mr Parker was
killed along with a man who helped in planing
its takedown. Someone they called, 'The Pretender.'

Tattoo: The pretender?

Mr. Roark: Yes Tattoo. A very gifted and talented individual. Jarod was
his name, I believe. He was known to be a human Cameleon with
the convincing ability to assume one's identity as well as their

Tattoo: Anyone's?

Mr. Roark: Yes, Tattoo.

Tattoo: Let me guess, her fantasy is to rescue her father and stop what
happened, this Cameleon?

Mr. Roark: You would think it would be that simple? No, there are some
things far worse than a tempting of fate itself my friend!

Tattoo: And what is that boss?

Mr. Roark: From what I learned and know even now, I believe she feels
a very heavy sense of...guilt.

Tattoo: She feels responsible for what happened and the way things turned

Mr. Roark: Ones own personal intentions, regardless of outcome, ultimately
determine how things turn out in ones heart, Tattoo.

Mr. Roark and Tattoo raise their glasses to the couple.

Mr. Roarke: My dear guests, I am Mr. Roarke your host. Welcome to Fantasy

Mr. Roarke looks intently at the guests.

Mr. Roark: (cont..) Indeed.


Chapter End Notes:

A short look, upon reflection, with regard to current circumstances.

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